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Community Helpers PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Helpers

Community Helpers

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers By Ms. Hufnagle’s Second Grade Class

  2. Archaeologist An archaeologist looks for dinosaur bones and ancient things.

  3. Bus Driver A bus driver rides people to school. A bus driver rides people around the world.

  4. Cafeteria Worker Cafeteria Workers work at schools in the kitchen. They also feed kids at schools.

  5. Dentist A dentist cleans your teeth.

  6. Doctor A doctor helps people get better and stay better.

  7. Soldier Soldiers fights for their country. They help each other when their hurt.

  8. Fire Fighter A Fire Fighter rescues people when their homes are on fire.

  9. Florist A Florist is a person who loves flowers. They sell different kinds of flowers.

  10. Gardener Gardeners grow flowers, plants and trees. They also make sure the plants , flowers and trees have water and sun.

  11. Ice Cream maker An ice cream maker make different kinds of ice cream. They can make different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

  12. Karate A karate teacher teaches karate.

  13. Mail Carrier A mail carrier goes around homes handing mail in mailboxes.

  14. Paleontologist A paleontologist is a person who digs up bones and takes them to the museum.

  15. Pilot A pilot flies people around the world. Sometimes a pilot fights in the Navy.

  16. Police Officer A police officer puts people under arrest and put them in jail. The police officer help fight crime.

  17. President The President is in charge of the United States.

  18. Senator Senators help the president change the laws. A senator is a responsible person.

  19. Soldier A soldier protects the USA. They fight in the army. When they fight they celebrate.

  20. Taxi Driver A taxi driver takes people around places. They take you to the airport sometimes.

  21. Teacher What teachers do is teach kids to help them learn more.

  22. Therapist Therapists help you when you have a serious headache or have problems.

  23. Veterinarian A veterinarian helps animals live like dogs and cats.

  24. Zookeeper A zookeeper works at a zoo to feed and take care of animals.

  25. THE END