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Community Helpers

Community Helpers. By: Lisa Stricker Sharon Maloney Angie Metzger Holly Erford Jim Grombacher ED 417-01. Community Helpers Learning Center. Grade level 2 Lessons: Fire Fighters, Bus Drivers, Librarians, Police Officers, and Mail Carriers . Objectives .

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers By: Lisa Stricker Sharon Maloney Angie Metzger Holly Erford Jim Grombacher ED 417-01

  2. Community Helpers Learning Center • Grade level 2 • Lessons: Fire Fighters, Bus Drivers, Librarians, Police Officers, and Mail Carriers

  3. Objectives • After a class discussion of Community Helpers, our second grade students will visit the learning center. After visiting the center our students will: • Identify various community helpers and the jobs they perform. • Explain the differences and similarities among the five community helpers. • Use technology to explore community helpers and their responsibilities to the community.

  4. Web Sites Needed • Bus Drivers • http://www.nysgtsc.state.ny.us/kid-schl.htm#top • http://www.nysgtsc.state.ny.us/kid-jigs.htm • Librarians • http://teacher.scholastic.com/commclub/librarian/index.htm • Fire Fighters • http://teacher.scholastic.com/commclub/firefighter/index.htm • http://teacher.scholastic.com/commclub/firefighter/index.htm

  5. Wed Sites Needed (cont.) • Police Officers • http://www.esc20.net/etprojects/formats/webquests/summer99/northside/police/default.html • http://teacher.scholastic.com/commclub/officer/index.htm • Letter Carriers • http://www.first-school.ws/t/cp_comhelper/mail_carrier_1.htm

  6. Materials Needed • Computers with internet accessibility • Headphones • Paper and pencil • PowerPoint • Printer • Glue • Scissors • Please start slide show for students with the following slide.

  7. Rules For Learning Center • You may work with one friend while at this center. • You may need a pencil and your writing logs. • You may be in the learning center for no more than 30 minutes at a time. • You may revisit this center more than once this week. • Please use your inside voices while at the center.

  8. Bus Drivers

  9. One of the most important responsibilities of the bus driver is to keep you safe. • Go to the following web site and read the following information on bus safety. Write down 3 safety tips that you find on this site. • http://www.nysgtsc.state.ny.us/kid-schl.htm#top

  10. Click on the puzzle piece to print out jigsaw puzzle. • Take back to desk and cut out the pieces to the puzzle and glue together on a separate sheet of paper.

  11. Librarians

  12. Click on the arrow to find out about one librarian. You may take notes if you’d like. • After reading the story, answer the questions.

  13. In your writing log, list 3 things librarians do that help us.

  14. Fire Fighters

  15. Fire Fighters sometimes look scary, but they are there to help you. You can read about one Fire Fighter if you click on the picture. • After reading the story, see if you can answer the questions at the end.

  16. Click on the picture and print out the safety checklist. • Take it home and fill it out with your family.

  17. Police Officers

  18. Learn how police officers keep you safe. • Go to the site by clicking on the police officer down below and click on the button to hear about police officers. • Be sure to list on a separate sheet of paper 3 ways police officers help the community.

  19. Learn about other jobs done by police officers. • Read the story about Nadine Jojola to find out what else police officers do. Click on the to go to the next page. • Take the quiz at the end to see how much you have learned. • Click on the picture to go to the site.

  20. Letter Carriers

  21. Print off a picture of a letter carrier. • Click on the picture of the letter carrier and print off the coloring worksheet. • Use the back of this sheet to write what you already know about letter carriers, and what you would like to learn about them.

  22. Write a thank you letter to your favorite community helper. • Choose a community helper that you have learned about and write a thank you letter to him or her. • Be sure to include a heading, a greeting, and a closing in your letter. • We will be mailing these letters with the help of our letter carrier community helpers.

  23. Congratulations! You have completed the learning center! Talk with your buddy about what you have learned.

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