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Community Helpers PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Helpers

Community Helpers

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers By Mrs. Winhoven’s Second Grade Class

  2. Astronaut An astronaut travels in space. Also an astronaut breaks meteors and lets us know if there is a meteor shower. They teach us fun space facts.

  3. Zookeeper A zookeeper helps animals when they are sick and when they are in danger or in trouble. They do the best they can to save animals.

  4. Bus Driver A Bus Driver take people places.

  5. Coach The coach helps you play basketball and football and other sports too.

  6. Dentist A dentist cleans peoples teeth for picture day. They help people have good teeth and no holes in their teeth. A dentist helps people have great teeth.

  7. Doctor Adoctor helps people by helping them feel better and they also take care of them.

  8. EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) An EMT is a person who drives an ambulance and helps people who are hurt.

  9. Firefighter A fire fighter helps people with fire by putting out the fire.

  10. Fireman A fireman helps people when there is a fire.

  11. Police officer A police officer helps people by making sure they follow the laws. They put people who break the laws in jail.

  12. Jeweler A jeweler is a person who sells jewels. They help you find what kind of jewelry you need.

  13. Landscaper They help people by mowing their lawn. They also plant bushes and gardens.

  14. Zookeeper A zookeeper helps the animals. If the zookeeper is not at the zoo, the animals will get out . Maybe the zookeeper did not lock the door.

  15. Lifeguard A Life Guard makes sure people are safe at the pool.

  16. Doctor The doctor is a person that helps people that need help, and question your problem and find solutions.

  17. Police Officer A Police Officer helps people on the street when they need it.

  18. Soldier A soldier defends his country in the military. The American military has the Marines , Army and Navy. Navy soldiers are called “sailors”.

  19. Street Sweeper A street sweeper cleans the streets at night with a special vehicle.

  20. Zookeeper A Zookeeper takes care of animals at the zoo.

  21. Teacher A teacher help kids learn how to read.

  22. Veterinarian A veterinarian helps animals when they are sick and when they are injured!

  23. Zookeeper A zookeeper tries to find wild animals to keep for a pet at the zoo.

  24. Lifeguard Lifeguards help people at pools and beaches so they will not drown. If someone is drowning they go in to the water and help them get out.

  25. The End