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Community Helpers

Community Helpers . By Mrs. Droggitis’ Second Grade Class. A. Airplane Pilot. An Airplane Pilot can fly you places far away. There are also military pilots from the navy, marines, and the air force. They help protect the world. B. Book keeper.

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers By Mrs. Droggitis’ Second Grade Class

  2. A Airplane Pilot An Airplane Pilot can fly you places far away. There are also military pilots from the navy, marines, and the air force. They help protect the world.

  3. B Book keeper A book keeper takes care of books. Also a book keeper lets people borrow different books. A book keeper also keeps track of another company's money.

  4. Chef C A chef cooks food so we won’t starve. A chef also make yummy food that some people don’t know how to bake. C C

  5. Dancer D A dancer dances with a man in a dance center practicing for a live performers.

  6. Electrician E An electrician makes sure that electricity keeps on going no matter what happens. Electricians also fix light bulbs.

  7. Fire fighter F A fire fighter helps put out fires with ladders and water hoses. They drive around the city in fire trucks. They can go through red lights, because cars stop when they go down the street. The fire station’s sensors pick fires, and they drive there. That’s how they help our city.

  8. Gardener G A gardener is a person who plants flowers, trees, and bushes.They help the earth by planting trees.

  9. Hospital Worker H A hospital worker helps you make appointments and check in when you come in. They also help keep the hospital clean.

  10. I Inventor An inventor is someone who makes up things that you can use or also makes up words you can say.

  11. J Judge A judge finds out who goes to jail and who doesn’t. They also make sure the people pay the bills.

  12. Karate Instructor K A karate Instructor helps kids learn new moves. He teaches the students how to defend themselves.

  13. Lawyer L A lawyer helpsdefendpeople in court. Also they study the law in America.

  14. Musician M A musician is someone who goes to concerts and plays music for other people. They also sometimes just play for fun.

  15. N Nurse A nurse helps people when they are sick. They also help people when the are wounded. Nurses work in the hospital, school and doctors offices.

  16. P President The President is the leader of the United States. He/she keeps the country safe. He/she gives lots of speeches.

  17. Q Quilt Maker A quilt maker makes quilts to keep people warm. Quilt makers have been around for a long time.

  18. Officer An officer keeps the community safe. They eeriest bad guys. Then they tack them to jail.

  19. RADIO Announcer R A radio announcer talks to people from theradio

  20. S Seamstress A seamstress sews articles of clothing. Then the seamstress sends the articles of clothing to different stores.

  21. Teacher T A teacher is a person that teaches you about everything you want to know about.

  22. UPS Driver U A UPS driver delivers your packages. They drive brown trucks. They deliver packages all over the world and to our homes.

  23. Vice President v The Vice President helps prevent the country from danger. The Vice President would take over if the President would die.

  24. W Writer A writer writes books and stories. A writer sends books to libraries. A writer can write for magazines.

  25. X-ray Technician x An X-ray Technician takes pictures of the inside of your body.

  26. Y Yo Yo Maker A yoyo maker makes us yoyos for us to play. A yoyo maker works really hard to make yoyos.

  27. Z Zoologist A zoologist studies animals. They work in a zoo. A zoologist is a scientist.

  28. THE END

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