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Community Helpers

Community Helpers. Amy Michael Rochelle York Nicole Fouch ED 417 Spring 2007. Lesson Information. Targeted for 2 nd grade Objectives: -Students will be able to describe the contributions of significant individuals in a community

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers Amy Michael Rochelle York Nicole Fouch ED 417 Spring 2007

  2. Lesson Information • Targeted for 2nd grade • Objectives: -Students will be able to describe the contributions of significant individuals in a community - Students will recognize that most people work in jobs in which they produce a few special goods or services.

  3. Materials Needed: • Pictures of different community workers • Different pamphlets from their workplace that include descriptions of their job. • Video clips • Different word searches • Objects/materials for each profession

  4. Fighting Fires who would it be? I see a firefighter looking at me.

  5. Required to: *Put fires out *Fire prevention *Educate the community about fire safety *Respond to car accidents *Perform first aid *Take care of fire equipment *Attend specialized training Firefighter

  6. In the bakery who would it be? I see a baker looking at me.

  7. Prepares dough and makes breads Prepares and bakes cookies, cakes, pies, etc. Prepares icings, toppings and fillings Operates baking machinery Cleans the baking equipment Maintains sanitation and safety Work with recipes and measuring Baker

  8. In the classroom teaching who would it be? I see a teacher looking at me.

  9. Takes time to learn what they are going to teach Works with children, parents, and other teachers Shows love and understanding Smiles Cares Plans out activities and materials Flexible Dedicated Makes learning fun Teaches not only with the mind, but with heart Teacher

  10. Delivering a letter, who would it be? I see a mailman looking at me.

  11. Mailman • Works for the U.S. Post Office • Their job is to deliver mail to people. • Some walk, or some drive a mail truck • They wear uniforms everyday • They do not get many days off of work

  12. Controlling the crime, who would it be? I see a policeman looking at me.

  13. Policeman • Their job is to help keep people safe. • They wear uniforms, and carry weapons for safety. • They only use the weapons when they absolutely have to. • They work at a police station. • Policemen watch drivers for speeding when they are on the roads.

  14. Helping us when we’re sick, who would it be? I see a doctor/nurse looking at me.

  15. Doctor/Nurse • Works in a doctor’s office, or hospital • Wears a uniform • Helps to make children and adults better when they are sick • Uses many different instruments to check and make sure we are well (i.e., stethoscope, tongue depressor, etc.) • Can write prescriptions for medicine that we need • Kind and willing to help others

  16. Fighting for our country, who would it be? I see a soldier looking at me.

  17. Soldier • Works for the U.S. Government • They can work for different branches of the government: Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc) • Protects our country • Wears a uniform • Have fought in many wars throughout history

  18. Keeping my teeth healthy, who would it be? I see a dentist looking at me.

  19. Dentist • Help us keep our teeth clean and healthy • They look inside our mouth for cavities and plaque • Usually go to the dentist twice a year and receive a new toothbrush • Teach us the proper way to brush and floss our teeth

  20. Helping our pets, who would it be? I see a veterinarian looking at me.

  21. Veterinarian • Usually called a “Vet” • Like a doctor for out pets • Help animals when they are injured, sick, or just need a check-up • Use some of the same tools that your doctor uses

  22. Helping us drive safely, who would it be? I see a mechanic looking at me.

  23. Mechanic • This is who we take our vehicles to when they are not working as well as they should • They change tires, replace damaged parts and replace oil • Mechanics keep our vehicles healthy

  24. Activities • Students should bring in a “tool of trade” of one or both parents. They should be able to explain what the tool is used for. Parents could come in and demonstrate how to use it. The students will then write a short store about a person using their parents’ tool. • Take several field trips with the students to different community workers work place. • Plan and bring in different prop boxes for some of the different community workers. Students will be able to explore and manipulate different materials for different community workers. • Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting a vet to a doctor. • Have students do different word searches, or crossword puzzles on community workers, and their job descriptions.

  25. Websites • http://spapps.go.com/hsb4/landing/ • This game lets you take a shot at success, open a business, choose what you want to sell, and you will either make it with your business or go broke. • http://www.careervoyages.gov/students-elementary.cfm • View videos of community workers in action • http://www.colgate.com/app/Kids-World/US/HomePage.cvsp • Play games like Dental Office Tree House, and Super Dentist • http://www.apples4theteacher.com/word-finds/community-helpers.html • Word searches that involve the names of community workers • http://www.education-world.com/a_tech/sites/sites054.shtml • Several different websites that are interactive for children to learn about different community workers. Some sites will ask questions at the end of the student working through the different community workers, others will have matching exercises where students will match the community worker to their appropriate description.

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