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Community Helpers

Community Helpers. An Alphabet Electronic Book. By Mrs. Droggitis’ Second Grade January 2006. A. Airplane Pilot. An airplane pilot flies an airplane. He or she brings people from place to place. B. Bus Driver.

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers An Alphabet Electronic Book By Mrs. Droggitis’ Second Grade January 2006

  2. A Airplane Pilot An airplane pilot flies an airplane. He or she brings people from place to place.

  3. B Bus Driver A bus driver takes kids to school and home. A bus driver gets people around town.

  4. C Coach A coach is a person that teaches people to play sports. A coach helps people get better at sports.

  5. D Driver A driver is someone who drives people places. Also a NASCAR driver races cars.

  6. Electrician E An electrician fixes our appliances and wires for our homes.

  7. Farmer F A farmer gives people food. Farmers let bugs live.

  8. G Geologist A geologist studies rock and helps us find oil underground.

  9. HEAVY EQUIPMENT WORKER H A heavy equipment worker builds and carries heavy equipment.

  10. Investor I A investor helps people invest in stocks and shares.They help people get money.

  11. Journalist J A journalist is a person that writes paragraphs in the newspaper about the world. A journalist can also write stories for T.V.

  12. Karate Instructor K Karate instructors teach karate. They teach people how to be safe.

  13. L Librarian A librarian checks books out at the library. A librarian helps tell you where to get the book you want.

  14. Mail Carrier M The mailman delivers mail and packages to people’s homes. They leave mail in a person’s mailbox.

  15. Nurse N A nurse helps a doctor. A nurse helps people when they are sick.

  16. O Optometrist An optometrist checks your eyes and give you glasses. An optometrist is an eye doctor.

  17. P Police Officer A police officer arrested bad guys.They find lost kids and bring them home.

  18. Radiologist R A radiologist is a doctor that reads x-rays.

  19. Soldier S A soldier is a person that protects the their country. They protect our freedom.

  20. Teacher T Teachers make kids smart. Teachers make kids learn more stuff.

  21. U UPS Driver A UPS driver delivers packages and mail.

  22. Veterinarian V A veterinarian helps animals who get sick. They are an animal doctor.

  23. W Writer A writer is a person who writes books and other things notes, poems, and a dictionary.

  24. X-Ray Technician X X -ray technician is a person who takes peoples x-rays.

  25. Yoga Instructor Y A yoga instructor helps people learn yoga which keeps us healthy and strong.

  26. Zoologist Z A zoologist is a person that studies animals at the zoo.

  27. The End

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