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Community Helpers

Community Helpers . By Mrs. Sandberg’s Second Grade Class. House Painter. They are painters who know how to paint a house. They have tools to paint a house. Building a school, maybe drawing designs. Astronaut.

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers By Mrs. Sandberg’s Second Grade Class

  2. House Painter They are painters who know how to paint a house. They have tools to paint a house. Building a school, maybe drawing designs.

  3. Astronaut They go into space. They have 4 jobs that are commander, pilot, mission specialists and payload specialists. They wear a spacesuit and have a helmet.

  4. Baker Bakers make baked goods and they send the food to the market where people buy the goods that the bakers made. Most bakers work at bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants. Most bakers go to work before sunrise. Another job of a baker is to keep their bakeries clean. Bakers wear white uniforms and tall white hats. Some bakers wear aprons to keep food off their clothes. Most bakers wear white gloves so when they make pastries the food does not stick to their hands. Also, when the bakers wear their gloves the dirt on their hands does not get on the food or pastries.

  5. Carpenter Carpenters use wood to build things. They use hand tools such as hammers and screw drivers. They also use electronic tools such as power drills. They also use levels to make sure there work is straight. They work with architects. Also, they work with contractors.

  6. Chef Some chefs place their orders. Most buy their food at the store. Chefs cook food for other people and sometimes present their food. They experiment with new ingredients or a new recipe. Chefs wear a white hat and apron and shirts and pants.

  7. Grocer • The grocer’s job is to get food and products that people might need to buy, be a kind man and help the customers, and lastly get workers to help him/her with the grocery store. • My grocer wears an apron, a striped shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.

  8. Construction Worker A Construction Worker helps our community by building houses, apartments, and buildings. A Construction worker usually wears boots, a vest, a tool belt, gloves, a hard plastic hat, and their plans. Their equipment is a saw, a water jug, a cord, a wheelbarrow, cones, a tool box, and a ladder.

  9. Dentist They use tools like a toothbrush and a special light. Dentist wear gloves, a white coat, a mask and magnifying glasses. In 1498, a Chinese man made the first toothbrush. Dentists clean germs and fix cavities on your teeth.

  10. Doctor A doctor takes care of people’s health by giving checkups and helping sick or injured patients. Before students can be doctors they have to go to college and four years of medical school. Some doctors work at hospitals and do operations on people. Doctors wear a long white coat so that they don’t get germs. When doctors do operations they wear gloves so that no germs get into other people’s bodies.

  11. E.M.T. An E.M.T.’s job is to help people that are hurt. When they are not helping patients they rest and eat at the station. Today E.M.T.’s teach children how to ride bikes and play safely. E.M.T.’s wear uniform’s to show that they are emergency workers. Their pants have many pockets to hold supplies. They wear gloves to treat a cut. The gloves help stop the spread of germs.

  12. Fire Fighter Fire fighters are very brave. They fight fires. They are like heroes. They are total protectors. They wear protective clothing. They help our community by saving people from dangerous fires. They have walkie-talkies to communicate with other fire fighters. They have a big hose to put out giant fires. They usually wear red and yellow hats and red boots. Lastly they wear red jackets.

  13. Teacher Teachers’ jobs are to teach kids new stuff like reading, writing, and spelling. She also teaches us math and other subjects. Teachers wear shoes, pants and shirts. Teachers’ tools are pens, chalk board, and books. The book helps the teacher by telling the her what to do with the kids today. The pens help teachers by writing with them and grading stuff. The chalk board helps the teacher by writing math problems to the kids.

  14. Mailman A mailman's job is to deliver important letters and bills to people. They wear a short sleeved shirt and short pants in summer. In winter they wear a long jacket and long pants and boots. They can be women too.

  15. Mayor Mayors make speeches to get their message out. He/she does this so nobody gets crazy about the laws. Mayors also represent the people of the town. He/she sometimes has broadcasts of exiting or terrible news speeches. Mayors sometimes wear tuxedos.

  16. Nurse My community worker job is helping people when they are sick or hurt. Nurses give papers that tell you what kind of medicine to take. Nurses give special food for women that are having babies. Nurses wear uniforms called scrubs. Nurses also wears clean comfortable shoes.

  17. Pharmacist They read about new medicines. They also count pills, weigh medicines, and measure liquid medicines. They label medicine bottles. A pharmacist fills your prescription. They wear a white shirt and white pants.

  18. Plumber Plumbers put pipes in buildings . Plumbers put sinks , toilets , and bathtubs. Plumbers fix pipes that leak.

  19. Police Officer They work to keep the townspeople safe. They stop fights. They catch criminals. They wear uniforms, nametags, and a bullet proof vest. They carry guns, handcuffs, pagers, notebooks, pens, and telephones. They investigate crimes. They take reports. They give speeding tickets. They put bad people in jail. Those are some things police officers do.

  20. Police Officer A Police Officer helps the towns people to be safe. The Police also give speeding tickets when a car is speeding. A Police Officer wears a belt. On the belt he has a flashlight, a gun, gloves, keys, handcuffs, and a radio. He also has a badge and a cap.

  21. Sanitation Worker They pick up trash that is stinky and they some times pick up leaves. Sanitation workers work in all different places and weather. They wear gloves to keep their hands safe from sharp trash. They wear a hard shirt to protect their stomachs.

  22. Teacher Teachers help others people how to learn. Teachers teach us a lot of subjects like math, since, reading, writing and so many more. Teachers have so many tools like a textbook, pointer, pencils and so much more.

  23. Veterinarian There are many different jobs of a veterinarian and one job of a veterinarian is to help animals when animals are sick. Another thing a veterinarian does is bury animals when they are dead. Sometimes veterinarians have kennels so when the owners have to go away they take care of them in the kennel. Here are some of the tools a veterinarian uses\wears. They use lights, x-rays, light box, scopes, table, charts, stethoscope and a coat. That is what a veterinarians do and wear.

  24. Zoo Keeper Zoo keepers keep animals safe and healthy at the zoo. They clean up the animals’ areas. They feed the animals and give them water. Most zoo keepers wear uniforms. Most zoo keepers wear protective clothing, so the animals do not bite them.

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