A community and its helpers
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A Community and Its Helpers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Community and Its Helpers. Resource Unit By: Mindy Shardo, Lauren Metzger, Samantha Fleming, & Kate Janning ED 417-01. Introduction-General Theme.

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A community and its helpers l.jpg

A Community and Its Helpers

Resource Unit By:

Mindy Shardo, Lauren Metzger, Samantha Fleming, & Kate Janning

ED 417-01

Introduction general theme l.jpg
Introduction-General Theme

  • Community helpers are a vital part of every community. Children need to be able to identify helpers in their communities and know what role each helper plays in society.

  • This 5 day lesson is designed for second grade. It will be presented to the second grade students at Fairborn Primary School beginning in October.

Table of contents l.jpg
Table of Contents

  • Vocabulary 4

  • Activities with objectives 5-18

  • Evaluation 19-22

  • Teacher Resources 23

  • Student Resources 24-25

  • Media References 26-28

Community helpers vocab l.jpg
Community Helpers Vocab

  • Fireman

  • Policeman

  • Postal worker

  • Doctor

  • Librarian

  • Trash Collector

  • Dentist

  • School teacher

  • Custodian

  • Nurses

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Baker

  • Military personnel

  • Chef/cook

  • Political leaders

  • Construction worker

1 what makes a community l.jpg
1. What Makes a Community?

  • Objective:

    • Students will learn and understand the various workers and helpers in their community.

  • Materials:

    • Chart paper

    • Markers

    • Word search

    • Pictures of workers and helpers for reference

    • Paper and pencil

Lesson plan l.jpg
Lesson Plan

Teacher will lead discussion asking the children who makes up their community, and what those people do. The teacher will make a list of these people and their jobs while students do the same at their desks. If not all occupations are named by the students, teacher may give the students hints in figuring out all occupations included in the word search.

After all occupations have been named, students will complete word search of occupations and helpers .

2 most wanted l.jpg
2. Most Wanted

Objective: Students will describe tools used by community helpers and make a class book.


  • White paper, black construction paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, pencils, classmate names on individual pieces of paper

The lesson l.jpg
The Lesson

  • Students will draw a name of their classmate out of a hat. They will then draw a picture of their “criminal” classmate on white paper. When finished, students cut out black strips of construction paper and glue over picture so it looks as if the criminal is in jail. At the bottom, students must write why the “criminal” is in jail. (Ideas must be approved by the teacher)

Lesson continued l.jpg
Lesson Continued…

  • Students may then share their posters with the class.

  • Drawings will be kept and made into a class book.

3 guest speaker l.jpg
3. Guest Speaker

  • Objectives:

    • Students will meet a community helper first hand and gain a deeper understanding of the helper’s job.

    • Students will write letters in writing center.

  • Materials:

    • Paper, pencils, envelopes, stamps

The lesson11 l.jpg
The Lesson

Find a community helper (fireman, police officer, postal worker, etc) who is willing to come to your classroom to speak. Parents may be helpful in contacting these workers. Speaker will talk to students about his/her occupation and bring in tools they use at their job to show the students.

Lesson continued12 l.jpg
Lesson Continued…

After speaker has left, students will write a thank you note to the speaker, including something new they learned during the presentation or something they especially liked. Students will mail these letters personally during another activity.

4 visit a post office l.jpg
4. Visit a Post Office

  • Objective: Students will gain a deeper understanding of how the mail is processed by touring the post office

    Materials: Bus (if needed), thank you letters, permission slips, medical forms for travelling with students

The lesson14 l.jpg
The Lesson

  • Students will travel to post office either by foot or by bus. Postal worker will speak to the students about how the mail is processed and give them a tour of the building. Postal worker will also explain how to mail a letter and the other services they provide.

5 equally important helpers l.jpg
5. Equally Important Helpers

  • Objective: Students will recognize the equal importance of each role played by helpers in the community

  • Materials: Chart of helpers listed in first lesson, overflowing trash cans

The lesson16 l.jpg
The Lesson

  • Previous to lesson (at the beginning of the week) , secretly talk to the janitor and ask him/her not to empty your trash cans all week. Do not let the students know about this arrangement. This lesson should be taught several days into the week.

Lesson continued17 l.jpg
Lesson Continued…

  • Bring back the chart of helpers the students named in the first lesson. One at a time, take away a helper. Ask students to brainstorm possible problems in the community from this helper no longer providing his/her service.

  • Chart the possible problems on the board next to each helper’s name.

Lesson continued18 l.jpg
Lesson Continued…

  • Point out the trash bins and how they are overflowing, making a mess, and probably not smelling so pleasant. Use this as a first hand example to show how trash collectors and cleaners are just as important as doctors and fireman. Students can then help take their own trash out to the dumpster, hopefully providing more appreciation for the helpers within the building.

Evaluation multiple choice l.jpg
Evaluation (multiple choice)

A ______ puts out fires.

a. fireman b. policeman c. doctor

A _____ collects the trash.

a. teacher b. cook c. trash collector

The ______ makes meals at a restaurant.

a. policeman b. chef c. doctor

Evaluation multiple choice20 l.jpg
Evaluation (multiple choice)

A ____ comes to your house to fix the toilet.

a. baker b. electrician c. plumber

A _______ works on the highway to make it smooth.

a. Librarian b. construction worker

c. Postal worker

Evaluation objective questions l.jpg
Evaluation (objective questions)

True/False A dentist takes care of animals.

True/False A school teacher teaches students.

Evaluation essay questions l.jpg
Evaluation (essay questions)

Write three sentences about what a postal worker does.

Write three sentences about what a policeman does.

Teacher resources l.jpg
Teacher Resources

  • www.edhelper.com/community_helpers.htm

    • Lesson plans

  • http://people.csp.edu/pickel/helpers.htm

    • Multiple ideas for lessons

  • http://teacherexchange.mde.k12.ms.us/teachnett/helpers.htm

    • Lesson Plan

  • http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/lesson_plans/history/comm/

    • Lesson Plan

  • http://comsewogue.k12.ny.us/~rstewart/k2001/Themes/community/helpers.htm

    • songs

  • http://www.preschooleducation.com/shelper.shtml

    • songs

Student resources l.jpg
Student Resources

  • http://www.sunshine.co.nz/nz/29/action/k_action.html

    • Click on activity to see what people do

  • http://www.hud.gov/kids/job1.html

    • Match the job with the picture

  • http://www.adha.org/kidstuff/index.html

    • Information

  • http://teacher.scholastic.com/commclub/pediatrician/index.htm

    • Pediatrician slide show

  • http://sarge5575.com/farm.html

    • Shows what a farmer does

  • http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/kids/flash.shtm

    • United States Fire Administration for kids

  • Community Helpers From A To Z Kalman, Bobbie

    • Alphabet book with a photo illustrations of each letter and fascinating information about that items pictured. This book introduces community people such as police, firemen, veterinarians and more

Student resources cont l.jpg
Student Resources Cont.

  • Day in the Life of a Farmer Adamson, Heather

    • Features color photos of farms with fun information

  • Day in the Life of a Garbage Collector Leboutillier, Nate

    • Features color photos with fun information on garbage collectors

  • Day with a Carpenter Winne, Joanne

    • Informs readers about a typical day a carpenter endures

  • I Want to Be a Zookeeper Liebman, Dan

    • Gives examples about what a zookeeper does

  • Bank Tellers Bagley, Katie

    • explore the basics of a common occupation including what they do, what they wear, what equipment they use and what environments they work in..

  • Chef Miller, Heather

    • Focuses on the duties, equipment, and clothing used in this job and training needed to do the job

Media references l.jpg
Media References

  • Video

    • The Busy World of Richard Scarry - Busiest Firefighters Ever/Mr. Frumble's New Cars

    • Ricky's Room Community Helper

  • Center Activities

    • Write letters to community helpers

    • Draw pictures of local community helpers

    • Make a class book by having students draw a picture of what they want to be

  • Bulletin Board

    • Picture of community helpers

Media references cont l.jpg
Media References Cont.

  • Books

    • The Crocodile and the Dentist by Taro Gomi

    • Doctor DeSoto by William Steig

    • People in Your Neighborhood by Jeffrey Moss

    • I Want to Be a Police Officer by Liza Alexander

    • The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg

    • Clifford the Firehouse Dog by Norman Bridwell

    • Going to the Dentist by Fred Rogers

    • Going to the Doctor by Fred Rogers

    • Careers and Community Helpers Activity Book by Carson Dellosa Publishing Co

    • Curious George Visits the Firehouse, By H.A. and Margaret Rey

  • Transparency

    • Sample sentences to copy about community helpers

  • Chalk/White Board

    • List of community helpers

Media references cont28 l.jpg
Media References Cont.

  • Computer

    • PowerPoint on community helpers

  • Media Kit

    • Home Fire Safety Kit- It is designed to educate the public on the importance of fire prevention and protection.

  • Web Quest

    • http://ci.coe.uni.edu/uniquest/webquest/lewisl09/