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America In …. 1788 . February 6 th , 1788 . Dear Diary,

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February 6 th 1788
February 6th, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    Amongst the Americans are a group of Anti-Federalist. They believed the government should not have more power than the sub-national states but equal or inferior power. Sam Adams and John Hancock are Anti-Federalist who are giving their support of the ratification of the Constitution. They also wanted the Constitution to include a guarantee of civil rights.

March 24 th 1788
March 24th, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    The Constitution is taken to Rhode Island but is rejected by popular referendum. Rhode Island is afraid of consolidating federal power. In addition to this, Rhode Island has refused to send a delegation to the to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. They have also rejected a state convention to consider ratification again.

June 2 nd 1788
June 2nd, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    There are now two other Anti-Federalist who are expressing their feelings about the Constitution. Patrick Henry and George Mason express that they oppose the ratification of the Constitution in Virginia. Richard Henry Lee sides with them and adds that statement that a Bill of Rights needs to be done. He also feels that a lower democratic house needs to be made.

June 25 th 1788
June 25th, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    The are other Americans who have joined the Federalist side, who are opposite from Anti-Federalists. In Virginia, the federalist are lead by James Madison who helps them to make a mark in history. The ratification of the Constitution, along with a proposed Bill of Rights and twenty other changes, is endorsed by a closed vote of 89-25.

July 2 nd 1788
July 2nd, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    The President of Congress has made a huge announcement today. The Constitution of the United States is in effect! The Constitution has been ratified by the following nine states:

    1 December 7, 1787 Delaware 2 December 12, 1787 Pennsylvania 3 December 18, 1787 New Jersey 4 January 2, 1788 Georgia 5 January 9, 1788 Connecticut 6 February 6, 1788 Massachusetts 7 April 28, 1788 Maryland 8 May 23, 1788 South Carolina 9 June 21, 1788 New Hampshire

July 8 th 1788
July 8th, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    America is becoming more and more of a country as more progress is being made. The old Congress, that is still under the Articles of Confederation, is planning how make a transfer of power. They decide on how to elect representatives and choose electors for the first president under the new Constitution.

September 13 th 1788
September 13th, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    As Congress is continuing to reform itself is also moves where it is at. Congress has made a temporary move to New York City and stand as the temporary sear of the US government. There is also a recovery in the economy, a slow return to pre-war levels of prosperity, and commodity prices stabilized.

November 1 st 1788
November 1st, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    The old Constitution is coming to a close. The Congress underneath this constitution has to know adjourn with acting underneath the Articles of Confederation. With action, this is temporarily no type of centralized government. If not fixed soon, some states may feel that being united as one may not be necessary if times continue to prosper with one.

December 23 rd 1788
December 23rd, 1788

  • Dear Diary,

    Maryland has offered something very promising today. It has proposed a ten square-mile area along the Potomac River. They feel that the this could be an establishment of a federal town and be the seat for the new US government.