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Music ~ Broadway Musical ~. 2006.2.3 Shinji Sato. Today’s Procedure. First Part ・・・ About Broadway Musical Second Part ・・・ Video PBS: “Broadway - The American Musical” Last Part ・・・ Cost of Musical . First Part. Broadway.

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Music broadway musical l.jpg

Music~Broadway Musical~


Shinji Sato

Today s procedure l.jpg
Today’s Procedure

  • First Part ・・・About Broadway Musical

  • Second Part ・・・VideoPBS: “Broadway - The American Musical”

  • Last Part ・・・Cost of Musical

Broadway l.jpg

  • Broadway is a wide avenue in New York City, and is the north-south main thoroughfare in the city.

  • The name Broadway is an English translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg.

  • The street is famous as the pinnacle of the American theatre industry.



What is musical l.jpg
What is Musical?

  • Musical is a form of play combining music, songs, dance and spoken dialogue

  • The musical components of a traditional musical are generally referred to as the score, with sung lines considered the lyrics and the spoken lines the “book”

Difference between broadway off broadway and off off broadway l.jpg
Difference between Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway

  • Theatre names are defined as seat numbers

More than 300 seats

From 100 to 299 Seats

Under 99 Seats

Procedure style on stage l.jpg
Procedure Style on Stage Off-Off-Broadway

1. Traditional Style with lines and songs⇒ Most of the Musical

2. Mainly with songs

(e.g. Les Misérables, Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Blvd, etc)

3. Mainly with dance

(e.g. Movin’ Out, etc)

Music genre l.jpg
Music Genre Off-Off-Broadway

1. European Classic

2. Pop/Rock

3. Jazz

4. Ethnic Music

5. Traditional

6. Mixture

Story genre l.jpg
Story Genre Off-Off-Broadway

1. Literature/Saga

2. Conceptual

3. Back Stage

4. Romantic

5. Suspense

6. Youth

7. Fairy tale

8. Comedy

Chart of musical genre l.jpg
Chart of Musical Genre Off-Off-Broadway

Classified by Shinji Sato, based of Takashi Ishihara

Longest broadway runs l.jpg
Longest Broadway Runs Off-Off-Broadway

(performances as of 1/9/06)





The Phantom of the Opera






Les Misérables



A Chorus Line



Oh! Calcutta



Beauty and the Beast



Miss Saigon






Chicago (revival)



42nd Street


Opening schedule l.jpg
Opening Schedule Off-Off-Broadway

Preparation for Premier(Ticket is cheaper than one after opening)

Performance for Critics and Celebs

Performed by the end of due


Premier/ Grand Open


※ Whether the musical is successful or not is mainly determine by the Critics’ Review at the Premier

Tony award l.jpg
Tony Award Off-Off-Broadway

  • An annual award celebrating achievements in live American theatre, including musical theatre

  • Awarded by a panel of approximately 700 judges from various areas of the industry and press

  • Winning a Tony award in a major category (Best Play, Best Musical, Best Play Revival, Best Musical Revival, Best Actor, Best Actress) can dramatically increase a show‘s ticket sales

Slide15 l.jpg

Second Part Off-Off-Broadway

Slide16 l.jpg

Last Part Off-Off-Broadway

Initial cost l.jpg
Initial Cost Off-Off-Broadway

The Phantom of the Opera

La Cage aux Folles



My One and Only

The Lion King



Miss Saigon


Cost of musical l.jpg
Cost of Musical Off-Off-Broadway

Number of Seats: 550, Ticket:$50, Weekly Performance:8





Initial Cost



Weekly Sales



Weekly Running Cost



Weekly Rental Cost for Theatre



Weekly Royalty



Weekly Profit


15 Weeks

Fund Payback


How producer raise money l.jpg
How Producer raise money? Off-Off-Broadway

  • Use his (her) own money

  • Invested by Angel ( Individual Investor for show business)

  • Audition for Investors (BACKERS AUDITION )

    • Meeting to do presentation for new project

Closing level of attendance for long runs l.jpg
Closing level of attendance for Long Runs Off-Off-Broadway

  • 60% attendance is the dead line

    • High cost musicals: 70% attendance

    • Low cost musicals: 50% attendance

  • Sometimes show closes immediately after Grand Open

    • 4 days is the worst record: Red Shoes

    • Recently musical: Lennon

See Web

Initial cost in new york and london l.jpg
Initial Cost in New York and London Off-Off-Broadway

Rental Cost

Stage Setting Cost

Personnel Expenses

Threefold !!!


New York

Tryout l.jpg
Tryout Off-Off-Broadway

  • Tentatively perform in middle-size cities, such as San Francisco, before performing in New York

    • Hedge the risk

    • Observe the audience reaction

    • PR before performing in New York

Success track to new york l.jpg
Success Track to New York Off-Off-Broadway

Tryout or London Origin Musical come to New York to get the first rank honor of entertainment

Expansion from new york l.jpg
Expansion from New York Off-Off-Broadway

Popular musicals spread around the world

Film musical l.jpg
Film → Off-Off-BroadwayMusical

  • The Lion King

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • 42nd Street

  • Sunset Blvd

  • Saturday Night Fiver

  • Big

  • Full Monty

Musical film l.jpg
Musical → Off-Off-BroadwayFilm

  • Chicago

  • Rent

  • Evita

  • The King and I

  • My Fair Lady

  • Sound of Music

  • West Side Story

Globalization and media l.jpg
Globalization and Media Off-Off-Broadway

  • Once popularized and awarded in New York, Musical has the chance to perform in other cities and countries.

  • To be success, taking advantage of media, such as advertisement and critic’s review, is a key.

Reference l.jpg
Reference Off-Off-Broadway

  • Books

    • 野口 久光 『ミュージカルを楽しむ法』 晶文社、1997年

    • 井上 一馬 『ブロードウェイ・ミュージカル』 文藝春秋、1999年

    • 石原 隆司 『知っているようで知らない ミュージカル雑学辞典』2003年

    • 重政 隆文 『ザッツ ブロードウェイ ミュージカル』 松本工房 1999年

    • 藤田 敏雄 『ミュージカルはお好き? 日本人とミュージカル』 日本放送出版協会 2005年

    • 萩尾 瞳 『ミュージカルに連れてって!』 青弓社 2000年

    • 石原 隆司 『ミュージカル完全ガイド』 音楽之友社2000年

    • オペラハンドブック編集部 『オペラ101物語』 新書館 1997年

    • 淺香 淳 『オペラ辞典』 音楽之友社 1993年

    • 堀内 修・石戸谷 結子 『オペラ・ハンドブック』 三省堂 1999年

    • 永竹 由幸 『痛快!オペラ学』 集英社インターナショナル 2001年

  • Video

    • NHK総合 『全6回放送「ブロードウェー」(ブロードウェー100年~華麗なるミュージカル)』 2006年1月2~6日

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Thank you very much Off-Off-Broadway

for your attention!!