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Community Helpers PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Helpers

Community Helpers

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Community Helpers

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  1. Community Helpers An Alphabet Electronic Book By Mrs. Droggitis’ Second Grade January 2006

  2. A Airplane Pilot An airplane pilot flies an airplane. He or she brings people from place to place.

  3. B Bus Driver A bus driver takes kids to school and home. A bus driver gets people around town.

  4. C Coach A coach is a person that teaches people to play sports. A coach helps people get better at sports.

  5. D Driver A driver is someone who drives people places. Also a NASCAR driver races cars.

  6. Electrician E An electrician fixes our appliances and wires for our homes.

  7. Farmer F A farmer gives people food. Farmers let bugs live.

  8. G Geologist A geologist studies rock and helps us find oil underground.

  9. HEAVY EQUIPMENT WORKER H A heavy equipment worker builds and carries heavy equipment.

  10. Investor I A investor helps people invest in stocks and shares.They help people get money.

  11. Journalist J A journalist is a person that writes paragraphs in the newspaper about the world. A journalist can also write stories for T.V.

  12. Karate Instructor K Karate instructors teach karate. They teach people how to be safe.

  13. L Librarian A librarian checks books out at the library. A librarian helps tell you where to get the book you want.

  14. Mail Carrier M The mailman delivers mail and packages to people’s homes. They leave mail in a person’s mailbox.

  15. Nurse N A nurse helps a doctor. A nurse helps people when they are sick.

  16. O Optometrist An optometrist checks your eyes and give you glasses. An optometrist is an eye doctor.

  17. P Police Officer A police officer arrested bad guys.They find lost kids and bring them home.

  18. Radiologist R A radiologist is a doctor that reads x-rays.

  19. Soldier S A soldier is a person that protects the their country. They protect our freedom.

  20. Teacher T Teachers make kids smart. Teachers make kids learn more stuff.

  21. U UPS Driver A UPS driver delivers packages and mail.

  22. Veterinarian V A veterinarian helps animals who get sick. They are an animal doctor.

  23. W Writer A writer is a person who writes books and other things notes, poems, and a dictionary.

  24. X-Ray Technician X X -ray technician is a person who takes peoples x-rays.

  25. Yoga Instructor Y A yoga instructor helps people learn yoga which keeps us healthy and strong.

  26. Zoologist Z A zoologist is a person that studies animals at the zoo.

  27. The End