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Bahkan’s Culture 101

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Bahkan’s Culture 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bahkan’s Culture 101. Ashley Kim. Language. We speak English because we have been colonized for so long, but we also have our own language, Bahkanese – yet this still uses the English alphabet, which is pronounced differently. E.g. A: (click ) B: Bah C: (snap) D: Ku E: Uh F: Fea

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We speak English because we have been colonized for so long, but we also have our own language, Bahkanese – yet this still uses the English alphabet, which is pronounced differently. E.g.

A: (click)

B: Bah

C: (snap)

D: Ku

E: Uh

F: Fea

G: (stomp)

national sport
National Sport

Bahkan’s national sport is squirrel hopping, in which the individual is put in a pen of squirrels and has to keep hopping as long as he/she can. At the end the total hops are divided by the time taken. The basic rules are:

  • If you hop on a squirrel you will get disqualified
  • You must hop at least once per 3 seconds.

Squirrel hopping cultivates skills such as balance, endurance and precision.

However squirrel hopping may soon have to be discontinued because of the declining population of squirrels, or the squirrels will have to be replaced with an alternative.


In Bahkan it is customary to greet someone new each other by spinning 3 times counter-clockwise because it is believed to bring good luck in the newly formed relationship.

At the beginning of each meal the family should traditionally bang their cutlery on the table, in a sign of thanks to God.

With each purchase or building of a new residence, it is customary for the entire family to sit in a circle around the house and sing the Bahkan national anthem for an hour in order to ward off bad spirits.

In Bahkan eye contact is considered slightly informal and impolite, so usually conversations are conducted with each individual looking at the forehead of the other.

traditional dress
Traditional Dress

Bahkan’s traditional dress is the

SharibRab, and it is worn on holidays

and can be worn at other times if

an individual simply feels the urge to

wear it.

Although at first glance it appears to be clothing for women, it is very versatile, and can simply be worn by men by folding the “skirt” under the belt. However the shoes are optional for men.


November 8this the day of Bahkan’s Independence from England, and they celebrate by shouting “Huzzah!” at each new hour. Furthermore everyone wears the flag of Bahkan as a flag-cape.

On New Year’s Eve everyone goes about their daily routines in a handstand, which is reprieved only during meal times. Special furniture must be put out at New Year’s for the ease of this, and children are taught how to do handstands. This is to symbolize the turning of the new year.

Potato day is the Bahkan Holiday in which people feast for the entire day on only meals made from potatoes because they think potatoes bring good luck

**Although special events are not held on non-Christian holidays, people are encouraged to celebrate whatever religious holidays they wish

religion and food
Religion and Food

There is complete freedom of religion in Bahkan, however, Christian holidays such as Christmas are often the most popular.

Christianity is the most dominant religion however, because of missionaries from when Bahkan was still colonized.


The traditional Bahkan food is the Bahkroll, which consists of tuna and bananas mashed together baked in pizza crust. It is dipped in honey and eaten.

media and art
Media and Art

Allison Lee is a renowned Bahkan artist who specializes in alternative style art.

Due to her famed style of painting she was commissioned to design the Bahrk, which is the Bahkan currency.

Bahkan has a great appreciation for art and plays, and plays that are preformed are mainly those written in Bahkanese, instead of foreign plays.

Allison Lee