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Subculture vs. Counter Culture

Subculture —groups within a culture that have their own distinctive characteristics that distinguish them from the larger culture. Values and norms are compatible with dominant culture.

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Subculture vs. Counter Culture

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  1. Subculture—groupswithin a culture thathave their owndistinctivecharacteristics thatdistinguish them fromthe larger culture.Values and norms arecompatible withdominant culture. Counter Culture—agroup within a culturethat has its owndistinctivecharacteristics thatare in opposition tothe dominant culture Subculture vs. Counter Culture

  2. Ethnocentrism —the tendency to use one’s own culture as a yardstick for judging the ways of other societies. It can create in-group loyalties or lead to harmful discrimination. Cultural Relativism— Trying to understand other cultures without judging them by your own culture. We can analyze how the elements of culture fit together without judgment. Ethnocentrism vs CulturalRelativism

  3. Cultural Diffusion, andLeveling • Cultural diffusion—the spread of cultural characteristics from one group to another. • Cultural leveling—a process in which cultures become similar to one another.

  4. Discussion • What new values do you currently see • emerging? Why do you think they are • emerging at this point in time? • What core values, if any, conflict with the • emerging values? • Can you think of any examples of cultural • diffusion in the U.S.? To what extent has • it impacted our culture?

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