the 1980s rise of conservatism n.
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The 1980s: Rise of Conservatism

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The 1980s: Rise of Conservatism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 1980s: Rise of Conservatism. And the birth of Mrs. Vandagriff  . Election 1980. Carter v Ronald Reagan Ted Kennedy Carter lacked management Reagan wins big – neo-conservatism Free market capitalism Return to traditional values laissez-faire economics

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The 1980s: Rise of Conservatism

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the 1980s rise of conservatism

The 1980s: Rise of Conservatism

And the birth of Mrs. Vandagriff 

election 1980
Election 1980
  • Carter v Ronald Reagan
    • Ted Kennedy
  • Carter lacked management
  • Reagan wins big –neo-conservatism
    • Free market capitalism
    • Return to traditional values
    • laissez-faire economics
    • Strengthening white working class
    • Stemmed from disapproval of Great Society
reagan revolution
Reagan Revolution
  • The gov didn’t fix problems, it was the problem
    • Contain welfare state (highest political goal)
  • Reduce federal government – MAIN GOAL
    • Tax cuts, shrinking fed. budget
  • Boll weevils
    • Southern Dems in House who helped pass Reagan’s budget cuts
reagan revolution1
Reagan Revolution
  • Supply-side economics
    • Reaganomics
    • Cut taxes 25%
    • Supported big business
    • Value of $ rose
  • Recession -1982
    • Unemployment-11%
    • Carter’s anti-inflationary policies were actually to blame here
economic legacy
Economic Legacy
  • Increasing taxes usually increased gov’t revenue
  • Reaganomics
    • Cut taxes=more money pumped into economy
    • Actually caused revenue hole $200 billion b/c of tax cuts and military spending
    • 2 trillion national debt
    • Most debt to foreign nations
  • Cut welfare state
  • Rich got richer and poor got poorer
  • Trickle down economics
    • Helping business would lead to $ trickling down to working class – DIDN’T WORK!!!
reagan revolution2
Reagan Revolution
  • Yuppies
    • Young urban professionals
    • Materialism
    • Gap b/t rich and poor widened (1st time in 20th century)
  • Massive Military spending
    • Building up military
    • Federal deficit and debt rose (largest in history at that point)
    • US became world’s biggest borrower of money
    • Some believe this led to economic upturn
reagan and the cold war
Reagan and the Cold War
  • “Evil Empire”
  • Strategic Defense Initiative
    • Star Wars
    • Armed lasers in orbit to shoot Soviet missiles
    • Never built
  • Poland
    • Solidarity Movement
  • Downing of Korean plane w/ Am. on board
diplomatic issues
Diplomatic Issues
  • Marine Barrack bombing
    • 200 Marines killed in Lebanon
    • Teflon President
  • Nicaragua
    • Controlled by communistic Sandinistas
    • Reagan feared they would try to take El Salvador
    • US supported rebel contras – freedom fighters
  • Granada
    • Invaded to“protect” Americans there but really to make sure communism wasn’t growing
1984 election
1984 Election
  • Reagan v Walter Mondale
    • Geraldine Ferrero – 1st woman to be nominated for major party (VP candidate)
  • Reagan was popular
    • Strong economy
    • Wins easily
more diplomatic issues
More Diplomatic Issues
  • Mikhail Gorbachev –new Soviet leader
    • Got on rather well with Reagan
    • Glasnot – openness by Soviet gov’t
    • Perestroika – restructured Soviet economy
      • Free market oriented
  • INF Meeting
    • Cutting down on nuclear forces
    • Several meetings b/t US and Soviets before agreement was reached
iran contra scandal
Iran-Contra Scandal
  • 2 BIG issues
    • Am. Were held hostage in Lebanon
    • Congress refused to allow aid to Contras
  • Scandal
    • US secretly sold weapons to Iran in exchange for their help in getting hostages in Lebanon released
    • Used arms money to send to the Contras
    • Congress didn’t know
    • Lt. Col. Oliver North went to jail over it
    • Lose-lose situation for Reagan (but he’s the Teflon President)
religious right new right
Religious Right (New Right)
  • Moral Majority
    • Rev. Jerry Falwell
    • Powerful force in politics
    • Cultural/social issues
  • Televangelists
    • Advent of cable
    • Some scandal emerged – HILARIOUS
    • The Bakers
    • Just made Christians/religion look absurd
conservatism in the courts
Conservatism in the Courts
  • Reagan appointed several conservative justices
  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Affirmative Action setbacks
  • Abortion gets some restrictions
    • States given the right to make restrictions
    • Planned Parenthood v Casey
democrats push back
Democrats push back
  • 1986 Midterm elections – Dems won the Senate
  • Iran Contra Scandal/savings & loan scandals gave Dems a shot at ‘88 election
  • 1987-Market crashed (Wall Street was out of control)
  • Dems vet their ’88 candidates
    • Gary Hart
    • Jesse Jackson
    • Michael Dukakis (Massachusetts governor)
1988 election
1988 Election
  • Dukakis v George HW Bush
  • America was still doing relatively well
  • Dukakis was boring
  • Bush won easily
  • Americans wanted to continue with the conservative movement
communism is crumbling
Communism is Crumbling
  • Tiananmen Square
    • Many pro-dem protestors killed
    • US maintains relations w/ China
  • Eastern Europe fighting back against communism
    • Berlin Wall came down -1989
  • USSR broke apart -1991
    • 15 new Russian Republics
    • Boris Yeltsin new ELECTED president
    • Ethnic hatred flared in former Soviet Republics
  • The Cold War was over!
communism is crumbling1
Communism is Crumbling
  • What to do with Soviet Nukes?
    • Bush and Yeltsin agree to reduce arms over 10 year period (diplomacy over weapons)
  • US foreign policy changed
    • Bush wanted a new world order “where democracy would reign supreme”
  • Apartheid ends in South Africa
    • Nelson Mandela
  • Sandinistas are removed in Nicaragua
persian gulf war
Persian Gulf War
  • Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait 1990
    • Oil fields
  • Bush appealed to UN to use force to removed him
  • January 16, 1991- US led coalition began to fight Iraqis
  • Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
  • Operation Desert Storm
    • Ground troops sent in (Feb)
    • Iraqis surrendered
    • Chose not to go into Baghdad for Saddam
    • Cease fire Feb 27
bush at home
Bush at Home
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Appointed Clarence Thomas to Supreme Court
    • Opposed by NAACP b/c he was conservative
    • Sexual harassment charges
  • $250 billion deficit
    • Had to raise taxes
    • Blamed for mismanaging the slumping economy – not really his fault
  • Election 1992
    • Bush v Bill Clinton
    • Ross Perot
    • Bush blamed for mismanaging a slumping economy
  • Clinton won
    • Record 55% of eligible voters voted
    • 1st Baby Boomer President
clinton s agenda 1 st term
Clinton’s Agenda -1st Term
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
    • Had to basically keep sexuality a secret while serving in the military
  • Reduced deficit
  • Brady Bill – gun control law
    • Banned assault weapons
  • Failed to reform Health Care
    • Hilary Clinton
  • 1994 midterm elections went Republican
    • Bob Dole led the way
    • Clinton had to reform welfare
    • He had to work in the MIDDLE!
  • Newt Gingrich – new Speaker of the House
  • ‘96 Election
      • Clinton defeated Bob Dole easily
  • Balanced budget but taxes were very high
clinton s agenda 2 nd term
Clinton’s Agenda – 2nd Term
  • Unemployment – 4%
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
    • Stood up to labor unions
    • Free trade b/t Canada, US, Mexico
  • Campaign Finance Reform
    • Worked with John McCain
    • Didn’t quite achieve goal
  • Took on big tobacco and gun control
clinton s issues
Clinton’s “Issues”
  • Clinton investigated for wrongdoing in the Whitewater Land Corporation scandal
  • Investigation uncovered Clinton extra-marital affairs
    • Paula Jones
    • Monica Lewinsky
  • Republicans in the House brought impeachment charges against Clinton
    • Perjury (lying under oath)
    • Obstruction of justice
clinton s issues1
Clinton’s “Issues”
  • Clinton impeached but acquitted in the Senate (aka – Superman)
  • Approval ratings for Clinton stayed high but most Americans agreed he was morally “flawed”