Chapter 7
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Chapter 7. Creating and Communicating Value. Participation. Participation. Insight. Insight. Learning Principles. Learning Principles. Association. Association. Transfer. Transfer. General Guidelines for Effective Sales Presentations.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Creating and Communicating Value

General guidelines for effective sales presentations













General Guidelines for Effective Sales Presentations

In sales presentations and demonstrations, salespeople can facilitate prospect involvement and the learning process by using 4 learning principles.

  • Prospects remember new information better if they can connect it to their personal knowledge, past experiences, or frames of reference

  • Prospects who participate in the sales presentation and demonstration retain more information and develop more favorable attitudes

  • Product demonstrations should weave facts and figures from the sales presentation into the prospect’s own experience

  • Prospects who see the product being used in situations similar to their own can better visualize its benefits

Solution selling
Solution Selling

  • Solution selling is the stage at which the salesperson:

    • Assumes a knowledgeable role

    • Begins to earn the right to be an advisor to the prospect

    • Customizes her presentation of product features and benefits to the prospect’s specific needs and wants

Buying motives these were mentioned in chapter 6
Buying Motives (these were mentioned in chapter 6)

Should first identify:

Major Buying Motives

These are the prospect’s most important concerns and the salesperson should give them top priority.

Minor Buying Motives

These are peripheral concerns and the salesperson should discuss these only after addressing the major buying motives.

Importance of communication
Importance of Communication

Selling is a listen before you speakbusiness

Each communication must bring knowledge to the prospect

Communications that focus on benefits and value are viewed as quality communications (remember the SPT)

Salespeople are responsible for making information available to the members of the buying center

Asking the right questions
Asking the Right Questions

Developing a list of questions will allow salespeople to target their benefits to customers’ needs

Astute salespeople anticipate prospects’ concerns and prepare answers before meeting with prospects

Prospect involvement
Prospect Involvement

When seeking to partner with prospects, effective salespeople attempt to involve the prospects.

Listen carefully to align your suggestions with the prospect’s needs and wants

Read all non-verbal communication

It is important that salespeople show a willingness to collaborate

Check backs and response checks very important
Check-Backs and Response-Checks – very important!

Closed-ended questions designed to clarify, check for understanding, confirm interest, or confirm resolution of a concern.

  • Examples:

    • Is that what you had in mind?

    • Does this make sense to you so far?

    • How does that sound to you?

    • Does that answer your concern?

What your prospect wants to know
What Your Prospect Wants to Know

What are you offering me?

Exactly how does it work (product, service, process)?

How will it help me?

Is it as good as you say it is? Who else says so?

What evidence can you offer that it is as good as you say?

Is it worth the price? Why?

Will it help me accomplish what I really want to accomplish?

Sell the prospect results( benefits, not features). Why?

Preparing and presenting the sales proposal features v benefits
Preparing and Presenting the Sales Proposal – Features v. Benefits

FAB leads to SELLS



—Features are the obvious characteristics of the product/service.

—Advantages are the performance traits of the product that show how it can be used to help the customer better solve a problem than present products can.

—Benefitsare what the customer wants from the product.

—Show the product’s features.

—Explain its advantages.

—Lead into the benefits for the prospect.

—Letthe prospect talk.

—Start a trial close.







Video analysis
Video Analysis

Look for the following:

  • Prospect Involvement

  • Impact of communication

    • Verbal communication

    • Non-verbal communication

    • Implication questions (power of them)

    • Check-back questions

  • FAB technique

  • Implication Questions

  • Objection Handling

Reasons for using presentation tools and sales aides
Reasons for UsingPresentation Tools and Sales Aides

Capture prospective buyer’s attention

Generate interest in the recommended solution

Make presentations more persuasive

Increase the buyer’s participation and involvement

Provide the opportunity for collaborationand two-way communication

Reasons for using presentation tools and sales aides1
Reasons for UsingPresentation Tools and Sales Aides

Add clarity and enhance the prospect’s understanding

Provide supportive evidence and proof to enhance believability

Augment the prospect’s retention ofinformation

Enhance the professional image ofthe salesperson and the sellingorganization

Sales aids verbal support
Sales Aids: Verbal Support

Voice Characteristics

Examples and Anecdotes

Comparisons & Analogies

Sales aids sales call setting
Sales Aids: Sales Call Setting


Positioning & Seating Arrangements – Proxemics are an important consideration


Sales aids proof providers

In January, Fortune magazine recognized CDW as the top rated technology vendor on the basis of services provided to the buying customer.”

Sales Aids: Proof Providers

  • Statistics

  • Testimonials

  • Case Histories

Sales aids visual aids
Sales Aids: Visual Aids

  • Product Demonstration & Models

  • Printed Materials

  • Photographs & Illustrations

  • Graphs & Charts

Sales aids electronic media
Sales Aids: Electronic Media

  • Computer-Based Presentations

  • Video(s)

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Overhead Transparencies/documents

Group sales presentations
Group Sales Presentations

“When selling to groups, salespeople can expect tough questions and should prepare accordingly”

“When selling to a group, salespeople should take every opportunity to pre-sell individual group members prior to the group presentation”

Sales tactics for selling to groups
Sales Tactics for Selling to Groups

Arrival – Arriving early may provide the opportunity to connect with each group member prior to meeting as a large group.

Eye Contact – Make periodic eye contact with each member of the buying group

Communication – Solicit opinions and feedback from each member of the buying group and avoid taking sides

The pinnacle of a sales presentation
The Pinnacle of a Sales Presentation

Once a salesperson has:

  • Pointed out the problem

  • Prescribed how a product/service will solve that problem

  • Presented the terms of the sale

    It is time to ascertain if the relationship will proceed with or without a transaction