chapter 7 n.
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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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  1. Chapter 7 Part 1

  2. Introduction Himmelstoss, dead comrades, and good humor are talked about in this part of the Chapter. Company need more that a hundred reinforcements .

  3. Himmelstoss Himmelstosswants to get on good terms with the soldiers and he gives them good food and plenty of rest. Himmelstoss is now taking place of Sergeant Cook.

  4. Dead comrades Kemmerich, Haie, Meyer, Max, Beyer, and Hämmerling are all dead comrades. One hundred and twenty men are wounded and lying somewhere. Their comrades are dead and there is nothing they can do about it. “We will make ourselves comfortable and sleep, and eat as much as we can stuff into our bellies and drink and smoke so that hours are not waster. Life is short” (139).

  5. Good Humor If they do not have good humor then they shall be blown to pieces. Paul feels this way because life is short and have to live life the best they can even if it is fighting for their country.

  6. Pauls Feelings Pauls feels that they have to have good humor because after the war they will not have anything after the war and have to live to best of their ability.

  7. Theme The theme in this part of the chapter is to show how little time there is in life and you have to live it to the full extent. After for being the war for years they would not have the same life to go back to and making them the lost generation. “And this I know: all these things that now, while we are still in the war, sink down in us like a stone, after the war shall waken again, and then shall begin the disentanglement of life and death” (140).