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Warm Up L37

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Warm Up L37 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Up L37. What did you do to prepare for today’s test? How do you think it helped you? What will you do different next time? . Vocabulary – R38 Define all. When finished pick 7 to do pictowords with 5 colors (L37). Fascism Totalitarian Third Reich Nazism Neutrality Acts

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Warm Up L37

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    1. Warm Up L37 • What did you do to prepare for today’s test? How do you think it helped you? What will you do different next time?

    2. Vocabulary – R38 Define all.When finished pick 7 to do pictowords with 5 colors (L37) • Fascism • Totalitarian • Third Reich • Nazism • Neutrality Acts • Munich Pact/Agreement (pg 743) • Appeasement • Nonaggression pact • Blitzkrieg • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    3. Cinderella Man – February 21st and 22nd • 21st – Movie handout given, watched the first part of the movie (R40) • 22nd – Quiz (L39), finished the movie, and completed processing (L39) • Movie Review • 1st Paragraph – summary of the movie • 2nd – Historical accuracy of the movie • 3rd – Your opinion of the movie • How many stars out of 5? • Small Picture

    4. L41 & R42 – February 23 Dictators Threaten World Peace 10.01

    5. L41 Warm Up Who do you blame for the economy being poor? Would you vote for someone who guaranteed to make you richer even if they were mean? Why?

    6. Failures of the World War I Peace Settlement • Treaty of Versailles causes anger, Europe is a mess • Germany - blamed for war, lost territory • Russia - lost land for new nations • New democracies fail under worldwide depression • Dictators rise with promises for solutions

    7. Russia • Russia – Soviet Union is created during WWI • Joseph Stalin takes over- communism - gets rid of private property - farms - 2nd largest industrial power; famines kill millions - purges anyone who threatens his power; 8–13 million killed • Totalitarian government exerts almost complete control over people

    8. Italy • Italy - Unemployment, inflation lead to communist strikes - upper classes want stronger leaders • Fascism stresses nationalism, needs of state above individual • Benito Mussolini plays on fears of depression, communism • Supported by gov’t officials, police, army • appointed head of government, establishes totalitarian state

    9. Germany • Adolf Hitler leader of National Socialist German Workers’ Party • Mein Kampf—basic beliefs of Nazism, based on extreme nationalism • Wants to unite all Germans, enforce racial “purification” • 6 million unemployed; many men join Hitler’s private army • Nazis become strongest political party; Hitler named chancellor • Dismantles democratic Weimar Republic; establishes Third Reich - dictatorship

    10. Action Around the World • Militarists take control of Japanese government • Spanish civil War – testing ground for new military techniques and weapons • Germany and Italy back a fascist general Francisco Franco – form an alliance (Franco wins) • Russia supports the other side (monarchy)

    11. Americans Cling to Isolationism • Isolationism; FDR backs away from foreign policy • 1935 Neutrality Acts - keep U.S. out of future wars - outlaws arms sales, loans to nations at war • Quarantine Speech – FDR wants aggressive nations to be isolated, Japan, Germany, Italy

    12. Dictator Facebook Profile L41 • Wall Info Photos Photo Here What is on your mind? Share Information Hometown: Birthday: Political Views: • 2 Wall Posts from Friends • 2 Status Updates Friends: (#) - At least 3 friends

    13. L43 & R44 – Friday, Feb. 24 War In Europe

    14. L43 • QUIZ!

    15. Hitler’s First Steps • Hitler begins military buildup sends troops into Rhineland (France) • Mussolini’s invades Ethiopia • League of Nations does nothing to stop them • Next Hitler takes Austria- no resistance • Same with Czechoslovakia • Neville Chamberlain (GB) and others meet with Hitler and sign Munich Agreement – hands over territory to Hitler • Winston Churchill (GB) condemns appeasement policy, warns war will follow • Appeasement—giving up principles to pacify an aggressor

    16. Agreement with Russia • Hitler turns his sights on Poland • Stalin, Hitler sign nonaggression pact—will not attack each other • Sign second, secret pact agreeing to divide Poland between them

    17. Blitzkrieg • Hitler overruns Poland in blitzkrieg • Germany takes half while USSR takes the other • France, Britain declare war on Germany; World War II begins • Stalin annexes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; defeats Finland • Hitler invades Denmark, Norway

    18. Hitler Takes France • Germany overruns France and takes the capital Paris • British and French armies are forced into GB • General Charles de Gaulle sets up government-in-exile in England

    19. The Battle of Britain • Battle of Britain —German planes bomb British targets almost daily for 4 months • Britain uses radar to track, shoot down German planes • Hitler calls off invasion of Britain

    20. Daily EOC Which of the following would have been most likely to claim ‘Peace in our times:’ after appeasing Hitler, a) Winston Churchillb) Neville Chamberlain c) Francisco Franco d) Charles DeGaulle

    21. Processing L43: Map • Label the following countries – Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary • Color the alliances – Allies, Axis Powers, and Neutral

    22. L45 & R 46 – Monday Feb. 27th The Holocaust

    23. Quiz L45

    24. History of Anti Semitism • Moses and the Jews are enslaved by Egyptians – around1300 BC • Jews have one God, all other people during this time have many – Greek and Romans in particular – 300 BC to 100 AD • Crusades – get rid of Jews and Muslims – beginning in 1096 • Inquisition – many churches torture people to get them to convert to Christianity – beginning in 1480 • Jews are blamed – scapegoat – for many problems of the time period – Black Plague (1349), loss of wars, assassinations of leaders

    25. Nuremberg Laws Nuremberg Laws – Yellow Star -

    26. Kristallnacht Kristallnacht Synagogue

    27. Ghettos Ghetto – Deportation -

    28. Concentration Camps Internment - Concentration Camp – Labor camp -

    29. Death Camps Death Camp – Extermination -

    30. Stealing and Medical Experiments Medical Experiments -

    31. Process L45 • Writing Assignment – KWL • 1st paragraph – what did you already know about the Holocaust? • 2nd paragraph – What did you find out today about the Holocaust? • 3rd paragraph – What do you still want to learn about the Holocaust?

    32. L47 & R48 – Tuesday,February 28th War in the Pacific

    33. Warm Up L47 • What do you remember about September 11th? Why do you think that date is so important? What other dates are important to our nation?

    34. R48 • Fill out the reading guide using the blue EOC review book L47 Processing • Write a letter home from a soldier • 15 sentences • Describe a particular battle/area • 5 facts about the war (underline)

    35. The Trinity explosion, 0.016 seconds after detonation. The fireball is about 200 meters (600 ft) wide. Trees may be seen as black objects in the foreground for comparison.