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Do you remember this?

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Do you remember this?
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  1. Do you remember this? • Is BARC being brought under the defence ministry? If that happens, there'll be a lot of restrictions. I have doubts if the explosion was successful. That place is full of idiots, including Chidu . I know them inside out. I'm sure those morons aren't capable of anything. Must have exploded some RDX and are now claiming to have exploded the bomb for political gains. Biku is jumping about here and newspapers report some VECC scientists have contributed to the nuclear tests. He has asked for special security. The clown has got two bodyguards. Security has been tightened at the institute. A sample of data stolen from BARC, released by Milworm: A Pakistani Hacker Group

  2. Internet The fifth dimension

  3. e-psyc ops The internet Psychological War By:- P. Chacko Joseph Frontier India Defence & Strategic News Service

  4. Cyber Space is now is now taken for granted. E-mail and chat are no longer primary internet traffic drivers, but it’s research and information that prompts people to log on to the net more often. A 32 % active users of the internet in India used the internet as the primary source for information and research in 2006, up from just 20 per cent in 2001. Internet And Mobile Association of India, 2006

  5. Is Internet Psychology WarfareRelevant to India?

  6. Examples of cyber warfare on India • Internet web page defaced after the BARC web server was hacked by milworm a pakistani hacker group soon after the 1998 “Shakti” Nuclear Tests. • Defence Journal of Pakistan maligning Indian Defence research projects. • BBC and western media documenting internal social,  economic and  military problems. IAF dwindling pilots issue was brought out by BBC. • Pakistani and Chinese use of wikipedia and other sources to change the history of wars and relations with India. • Indian web sites including "Frontier India Journal" getting hacked by Pakistani hackers.

  7. Examples of cyber warfare on India • Psychological manipulation through the media including internet by Indian import lobby and foreign subversive groups. • Pakistani, communist and terrorist groups using social networking sites like "Orkut" to defame India and to promote themselves. • Pakistanis using internet to promote mis-information against India on kashmir . • Indian Army website on Jammu and Kashmir was hacked in 2000 back by Pakistani hackers. They had floated false information about human rights violations by the Indian defence forces on the Army's websites. Pakistan Hacker Club and MoS were responsible. • In a cyber attack in 2000, suspected to be the handiwork of Pakistan’s ISI, the homepage of 70-year-old Indian Statistical Institute was hacked here in an abortive bid to erase vital data. "Our organization's name is ISI. And no other organisation can exist with this name."

  8. IN 2006 5200 Indian websites were attacked

  9. The Internet has a global-reach. It is a cost-effective platform for dissemination of a message, rumor, lie and inside information Psychological operations or PSYOPS is an indirect use of information warfare methods to deceive, shape and influence the behavior and attitude of the targeted audience.

  10. Common cyber war practices Telecommunication disruption Denial of Service attacks Propaganda and defamation

  11. Some basic examples • propaganda • Impersonation • Self-serving news items, commissioned ones • Hacking

  12. e-Terrorism Terrorist merge raw brutality with digital propaganda. Internet allows terrorist to disseminate information to a larger audience which was once the monopoly of state and trans national news channels.

  13. Indian Internet warfare examples • Operation Vijay:During Operation Vijay, India responded pro-actively to Pakistan’s disinformation campaign. Indian Army’s official website and some additional Kargil-based websites were quickly spruced up to disseminate the truth about Kargil. As Pakistan continued to deny its Army’s role in Kargil, Indian websites quietly uploaded scanned images of identity cards, ration cards and mess bills recovered from captured Pakistani soldiers. • In 2003 pro-Indian hackers had launched a "cyber revenge" by spreading the Yaha worm aimed Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). • Aero Nautical Development website on LCA updates

  14. Indian official Cyber Warriors Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)

  15. Indian un official e-Warriors Age Profile: 14 – 36 years Education : 10+2 to Post Graduates Hangouts : Forums & Blogs Reason : Defence and equipment news (Refer Slide 4“E-mail and chat are no longer primary internet traffic drivers, but it’s research and information that prompts people to log on to the net more often.”)

  16. Web 2.0 • Blogs, Forums and Amateur Websites have become primary drivers of opinion’s. • Primary news sources are now increasingly relying on the web 2.0 for news and opinions. • Experts using web 2.0 to collect, disseminate and debate. • This presentation was possible due to web 2.0

  17. Wrapping it up • Psyc-ops is now an option before war and diplomacy. • The evolution of online PSYOPS is on its way and is actively utilized by both adversaries, and everyone in between. • As India grows in international stature, we need to explain our foreign, economic and defence policies directly to foreign audience. Internet is the most efficient, cost effective and persuasive medium available to us. It Is Now UP To US

  18. Thank You(note: This presentation has been edited, this is not the full version of the total presentation)