Presenter:  Kelly Ish
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Presenter: Kelly Ish March 19, 2009, 11:30 AM MST Please remember to call in to this webinar at: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presenter: Kelly Ish March 19, 2009, 11:30 AM MST Please remember to call in to this webinar at: (712) 338-7030, Access Code 181-072-324 Stand by, as we will begin in just a few moments…. FRS Efficiencies: Making the Most of First Resort’s Functions and Features.

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Presenter kelly ish march 19 2009 11 30 am mst please remember to call in to this webinar at

Presenter: Kelly Ish

March 19, 2009, 11:30 AM MST

Please remember to call in to this webinar at:

(712) 338-7030, Access Code 181-072-324

Stand by, as we will begin in just a few moments…

FRS Efficiencies: Making the

Most of First Resort’s Functions and Features

Using the webinar technology
Using the Webinar technology


This box will allow you to forward questions to a panelist to be answered. Any questions that we don’t get to in the time of this Webinar will collected and addressed by close of day, Friday March 20.


This box will allow you to participate in a set of Polls throughout the Webinar.

Make your office more efficient1
Make Your Office More Efficient!

  • General Office Procedures

  • Special Keys/Functions

  • Microsoft Techniques for FRS

  • Reservations

  • Back Office

    • Rates

    • Exporting

    • Reconciliation

    • Extending Availability

  • Housekeeping Work/Orders


  • Checklists for daily procedures?

  • Training information for new employees

  • Is important knowledge documented and accessible?



  • How organized is your filing system?

  • Can you e-mail to cut down on paperwork?

  • Avmain Email program-Letters, owner statements (one at a time)

  • OwnerLink- View statements online


T for today
T for Today

  • T for today. Inserts today’s date in any date field

  • +/- to increase/decrease


Presenter kelly ish march 19 2009 11 30 am mst please remember to call in to this webinar at
Alt #

Alt + Box # for folios and work orders

Presenter kelly ish march 19 2009 11 30 am mst please remember to call in to this webinar at

  • F1 for Help

  • From any screen in the software

  • F3 to resize

Some helpful help screens
Some Helpful Help Screens

  • R-A: General folio information, Group folio, Long Term folios, Processing revenue, Travel Agents, Custom Reservation Screens

  • S-L: General letter logic information

  • Edit letter: Letter logic variables

  • P-A-P: Lockoffs

  • P-S-R: Revenue processing steps and effects on folio, costcodes generated

  • P-S-N: Description of monthly cycle

View screen options
View Screen Options

  • Can scroll up and down using page down/up and arrows

  • Hit P to print from view screen to print (only about 34 pages)

  • Hit C to choose which pages to print

  • Hit F to send to file from view screen

Home end

  • Home Key—Moves to top of view screen or first field of folio, report setup screen, etc.

  • End Key—Moves to end of view screen or last field

  • Ctrl End—Erases everything from cursor forward in a line, helpful in folios, letter logic

  • Tab—Moves 5 spaces

F10 and page down
F10 and Page Down

  • Can use Page Down key in place of F10 to tell to read information

  • Sometimes is faster

  • Still use F10 for saving letter logic

L to lookup
L to Lookup

  • Option will come up when code entered is not in file

  • Properties, costcodes, vendors, general ledger accounts, journal entries/disbursements, source codes/entered by codes

  • If want to pull up lookup function, just enter invalid letter or number

  • F3 to resize lookup box to cover whole screen

Screen defaults
Screen Defaults

Hit Ctrl F5

Enter options as you would like them to appear

Hit F10

Choose user level

Can only set business level if diagnostic user and rights set on user code

Good for reports and availability search (R-C)

Screen defaults2



Screen Defaults

Business Level

Alt enter

  • Resize FRS screen between full screen and window

  • Alt/Tab—Use to switch between open programs, helpful when in full screen mode

  • If we are coming in through GoToMeeting, resize your screen to a window

Setting up login batch file
Setting up Login Batch File

  • Recommend always run FRS from batch file

  • Can set up personalized login batch file

  • H-T in FRS, enter file name (i.e. kelly.bat) and then return to create

  • “set RTVMEXP=0” on first line—Memory setting, needs to be entered on all 2000 or XP stations. Prevent getting kicked out

  • Then will need to modify shortcut to FRS to point to this batch file

What needs to be backed up
What Needs to be Backed Up:

  • Data files/indexes (*.FIL; .IDX)

  • System files (*SYS.*)

  • Letter files (*.LET; *.LTR; *.LTO; *.LTW)

  • Other files:

    • Configuration (*.CFG)

    • Custom Screens (*.SCR)

    • Batch Files (*.BAT)

  • Other Folders (PB, WWW)

Back ups
Back Ups

  • Be sure to run every day

  • Test to make sure it is working

  • All backup systems are different—may need your hardware person’s help

  • If you need to restore—check with us first, generally have to restore all files and indexes

  • Copy to local drive first and test there

  • Only restore to live data when you are sure the backup is good


Checking availability
Checking Availability

  • Screen defaults to set max units

  • Checking for available units-Do you only use the Y option?

  • Special Keys: T for today, +/-, Alt #


  • From R-A screen:

    P for previous—pulls up the last folio you were on

    F9—Guest History search

    Alt F9—Guest Lookup-To pull up in-house guests


Other folio info notes
Other Folio Info/Notes

  • O-C to copy

  • O-A to enter other names

  • O-B to enter notes

  • Sticky Notes (F2)

Custom reservation screens
Custom Reservation Screens

  • Add, change or remove fields

  • Adding field for e-mail address is most common change

  • Can set up custom screen for all or specific users

  • Diagnostic users will only see standard screen

Folio payments
Folio Payments

  • Leave $ amount blank

  • B for balance

  • 1 for deposit 1, 2 for deposit 2

Change log
Change Log

  • Track changes made to reservations

  • See at O-N-L-V from folio or change log report

  • Might want to just track major changes, especially if requiring comments

  • Need to activate change log in system setup (H-A) page 4

  • Change Log records are set up at H-B-A. Contact us for assistance with setup

Do not rent
Do Not Rent

  • Prevents a mailable label/letter from printing

  • Can store original address in sticky note or folio comments

  • Will show in F9 lookup

Data location
Data Location

  • Usually located in F:\accounts

  • To confirm, right click on FRS shortcut

  • Choose Properties

  • Look at Program tab—CMD/Working line

  • If no Program tab, look on Shortcut tab-Target line


  • Simplify!

  • Use unit type to group like properties

  • But don’t mix unit type and property code

  • Eliminate old rate records

Rate export
Rate Export

  • Provides a way to see rate file in Excel

Rate export1
Rate Export

  • Escape out of the S-R-E screen

  • Rates.txt will save in your accounts folder

  • Open in Excel as a comma-delimited file

  • Choose comma and tab as the delimiters

Rate utility
Rate Utility

  • Located at S-R-U

  • Use to quickly add new rate records

  • Use the C to copy option-copies by season

  • Write down all existing and new date ranges first

  • Don’t forget to check the dates on your deposit records

  • Make a copy of your SYL file first

Rate utility2
Rate Utility

  • Copies one season at a time—all records for that season to new dates.

Copy of rate file
Copy of Rate File

  • Prior to using rate utility or making any additions/changes to rates

  • SYLbbb.fil (bbb=your business code)

Exporting reports1
Exporting Reports

  • Any report in the software can be sent to file

Exporting reports2
Exporting Reports

  • Name the file with an extension of .txt

Exporting reports3
Exporting Reports

Report will save in your accounts folder

Can then open in Word/Excel

Exporting reports4
Exporting Reports

To save to a different directory:

Exporting email addresses1
Exporting Email Addresses

  • Set up letter logic letter

  • Run at R-S

  • Can export or print right out of software

Exporting e mail addresses
Exporting E-mail Addresses

Set up other letter at S-L

Give name such as EMAIL.LTR

Enter this logic:


{EMAIL }{B1}


Copy and paste
Copy and Paste

  • Set for Quick Edit and Insert Mode

  • Must be working in window, not full screen

  • Highlight with mouse and enter to copy

  • Right click to paste

  • If in letter logic, don’t highlight colons


  • Reconcile reports monthly: Advance Deposits (RRA), Due to Owners (PRO), Accounts Payable Due (ERD/CRD, TRD), Bank Reconciliation (GRR)

  • If you find an out of balance, first run the report for the previous month to see if it’s in balance.

  • If not, keep running back to find the first month goes out.

  • More on Reconciliation in April (Back Office Reconciliation) and May (Folio Reconciliation)

Extending availability1
Extending Availability

  • Must have all users/interfaces out of FRS for changing dates and the availability rebuild

  • Must be on version 10.16 or higher

  • S-A-A Screen—Date ranges for rotation

  • S-I Screen—Availability start date

  • S-B Screen—Availability Rebuild

Extending availability2
Extending Availability


  • Periods usually yearly or based on season (winter/summer)

  • Related to rotation, not rates

  • Must extend at least 2 years past availability start date (S-I)

  • Eliminate old records

Extending availability3
Extending Availability

S-A-A-Seasonal Periods

Extending availability4
Extending Availability


  • Availability start date-Can check availability 2 years past this date

  • Should be at the beginning of your current rotation period (S-A-A)

  • BUT…Cannot match any of the S-A-A From/To dates

  • Date must be in the past

Extending availability5
Extending Availability


  • Availability rebuild

  • Time to complete depends on number of reservations/units/periods, speed of station/network


Housekeeping tables correct?

Necessary for daily housekeeping report

Clean status-- Accurate and updated promptly?

Custom work order screens
Custom Work Order Screens

Similar to custom reservation screen

Can set up for front desk to only show needed fields

Presenter kelly ish march 19 2009 11 30 am mst please remember to call in to this webinar at

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