war consumes europe n.
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War Consumes Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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War Consumes Europe

War Consumes Europe

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War Consumes Europe

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  1. War Consumes Europe 14.2

  2. The Alliance System Collapses • Europe was divided into two rival Alliances • The Allies- Britain, France and Russia • The Central Powers- Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and The Ottoman Empire

  3. A Chain Reaction Due to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, A.H. declared war on Serbia Russia was allied with Serbia and moved troops to the A.H. border As a result Germany declared war on Russia and their ally France

  4. The Schlieffen Plan Germany is in between Russia and France, so Germany’s general Schlieffen planned to attack France first before attacking Russia They believed that Russia would take longer to mobilize due to their lack of railroads Germany planned to defeat France on one side and rush back to the east to defeat Russia

  5. Germany

  6. The Schlieffen Plan Germany invaded Belgium to attack France in the north As a result, Belgium’s ally Britain declared war on Germany Italy and Japan also joined the Allies

  7. A Bloody Stalemate The war turned into a long and bloody stalemate along the battlefields of France This deadlocked region in northern France became known as the Western Front

  8. A Bloody Stalemate Germany’s plan to defeat France quickly and then fight the Russians failed Germany was pushed back in the Battle of the Marne and a quick victory in the west was no longer possible. In the east, Russian forces had already invaded Germany

  9. War in the Trenches The Western Front settled into a stalemate Opposing armies on the Western Front had dug miles of parallel trenches to protect themselves from enemy fire Trench warfare-soldiers fought each other from trenches. And armies traded huge losses of human life for small land gains

  10. Assignment Complete Pg. 271 #1+2 and Pg. 273 #1-4