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Warm Up

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Warm Up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Up
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  1. Warm Up 1) Open your book to page 191 2)Number your Warm Up 1-3 3) Look at the map of North America in 1753

  2. Table of Contents 18. Triangular Trade Notes 19. Education in the Colonies 20. Study Questions 6-5 21. French and Indian War Notes

  3. The French and Indian War

  4. I. Causes A. Fur Trade B. Ohio River Valley Claims

  5. II. Indians Choose Sides A. The French think the Indians will side with them 1. Did not destroy Indian land with farming 2. Many married Indian women

  6. B. The English do convince the Iroquois to side with them, thanks to William Johnson • The Indians felt used by both sides. Native American to British: “You and the French are like the two edges of a pair of shears. And we are the cloth which is to be cut to pieces between them.”

  7. III. George Washington and Fort Necessity A. Washington was sent to establish a fort at the junction of two critical rivers.

  8. B. The French were already there, but Washington surrounded and scattered them. C. The British under Washington built a fort and named it Ft. Necessity.

  9. D. The French came back and forced the British to surrender. E. Washington was captured, but released.

  10. IV. The Albany Plan of Union A. Delegates from seven colonies met in New York to plan a united defense.

  11. B. The Albany Plan of Union would have established a representative council with representatives from each colony. This council would have organized the separate colonies into a united force

  12. C. The Albany Plan of Union was rejected by each colony because they did not want to give up their own power to form a joint council.

  13. V. The outcome of the French and Indian War • The war went very badly for the British for the first two years • When Edward Braddock took charge, the war turned around.

  14. C. The French finally lost. D. The Treaty of Paris1763 ended the war. E. Because the French lost, they had to give up all the land they had in North America.

  15. F. Because the Spanish were allies with the defeated French, they had to give up Spanish-controlled Florida.

  16. VI. The lingering effects of the French and Indian War A. The British had sent MANY soldiers to America to fight the war. Many stayed to ensure the peace.

  17. B. The cost of the French and Indian War caused Britain to be in BIG debt. C. The British were looking for ways to raise money again.