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Last Time On “Catching Fire”

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Last Time On “Catching Fire” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Last Time On “Catching Fire”
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  1. Last Time On “Catching Fire” Here is what you have missed so far, if you have not been reading the anchor book each day.

  2. The Quarter Quells • Every 25 years, the Capitol has a special version of the “Hunger Games.” It is called the Quarter Quells. • This year, each district must send two of their former winning tributes. • Katniss and Peeta volunteer and use Haymitch as their mentor.

  3. Training • Katniss and Peeta both upset the judges by doing their version of rebelling. • Katniss hangs a dummy of Seneca Crane, the head gamemaker from the previous Hunger Games/ • Peeta draws a picture of Rue, who died in the previous games. • Haymitch advises befriending allies and he/Katniss want to make sure that Peeta survives.

  4. The Games Begin • Katniss and Arena soon form an alliance with Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress but Mags and Wiress die in the process. • The group learns that the Arena is shaped like a clock with each section an hour of the day. During that hour, the gamemakers have created a challenge for the tributes to overcome. Many do not.

  5. Emotional Torture • Besides the usual gamemaker tactics like muttations that sting and huge waves that drown, the Capitol planned some particularly vile ways to hurt the tributes. One such way was to play recordings of the tributes loved ones screaming in pain. The tributes don’t know if the recording are real or not.

  6. The End Is Near.. • Beetee has a plan to electrocute the others using the Arena’s lighting and his wire. • The plan goes awry, Katniss is stabbed, several tributes dies. Katniss decides perhaps it is time for her to die as well to ensure Peeta’s safety but in the nick of time, she realizes that there is another way.

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