how social media changes pr why that s good n.
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How Social Media Changes PR & Why Lawyers Should Care PowerPoint Presentation
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How Social Media Changes PR & Why Lawyers Should Care

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How Social Media Changes PR & Why Lawyers Should Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation about How Social Media Changes PR & Why Lawyers Should Care.

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How Social Media Changes PR & Why Lawyers Should Care

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Presentation Transcript
how social media changes pr why that s good

How Social Media

Changes PR


Why That’s Good for


applicable experience

Applicable Experience

• 25+ Years Journalism

• 25+ Years PR

• 10+ Years Social Media

80 year broadcast era

80-Year Broadcast Era

• Messaging

• Targets

• Top-down

• One-directional

• A day was fast

decade of disruption

Decade of Disruption

• Monolog-to-dialogue

• Institutions upended

• Gatekeepers bypassed

• Lost of control

new conversational era

New Conversational Era

• SocNets

• Citizen feedback

• Conversation scales

• Influence change

changes to pr

Changes to PR

• Negative image

• Distrust of marketing messages

• Cheap, scalable new tools

• Direct conversations become scalable

• We’re all media companies, now

pr in conversation era

PR in Conversation Era

• Peer-to-peer nets

• Speed of web

• Personal credibility

• Here to stay

pr s changing role

PR’s Changing Role


• Send messages

• Control

• Customer as target

• Make people want


• Listen & respond

• Engage

• Customer as heart

• Serve wants

rob la gesse

Rob La Gesse

‘We essentially

changed how we

market. We cut

expenses & tripled

revenue & users.’

from dell hell to listen respond

From Dell Hell

to Listen & Respond

richard binhammer

Richard Binhammer

‘How can any

organization not

want to connect

more closely

with its


scott monty

Scott Monty

‘PR people

must overcome

their instincts

to send mass

emails, invites

& releases.’

kevin o keefe lexblog

Kevin O’Keefe Lexblog

• 17 years of obscure law practice

• ‘96 starts answering q’s online

• ‘99 sells to AOL

• ‘03 starts Lexblog. 7000 members

• Global reputation thru social

scott cook

Scott Cook

‘A brand is no

longer what we tell

consumers it is.

It’s what they tell

us it is.’

tom foremski

Tom Foremski

“Every company

is now a media


chris brogan

Chris Brogan

‘Before, it was

only big business,

the media or

government who

had a voice. Now,

it’s anyone.’ 



kd paine

KD Paine




‘Social Media

provides an

infinite number of

potential media



takeaways 1


• Join the conversation. Do it now.

• Begin by listening

• SM is business intelligence

• It’s all media—you included

• Join relevant communities

takeaways 2


• Post interesting or useful content

• Go where customers hang out

• Humanize your brand

• Point to other content

• Tell stories [nonfiction]

parting thought

Parting Thought

This is the dawn of the Conversational

Age. Lawyers, like PR professionals, are

are great conversationalists.

This is your time. Have fun.

shel israel

Shel Israel


Tweet/FB/LI: shelisrael