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Social Media

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Social Media
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Social Media

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  1. Social Media It's a Counter-Invasion!!!!

  2. What is Social Media? Ahem…well…social media…err.

  3. Wikipedia definition Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings

  4. Or Is it?

  5. Kind of, Sort of…. • Social Media is actually a conversation, an exchange, an interaction, a brainstorming session, a debate, a toast, and a million things more…… • That is brought about by……

  6. Let’s make it simpler • The Internet is facilitating a fascinating global conversation among people, a conversation that moves with lightning speed. • Markets and customers are getting smarter.

  7. It’s a conversation between…. Your • customers • employees • investors • competitors • fans • anyone in the world who has internet access and an opinion

  8. Social Media is powered by • social networks • news and book marking • blogs • video and photo sharing • wikis • virtual reality • social gaming • podcasts, RSS

  9. People are into social media • 73% active users have read a blog • 45% have their own blog • 39% subscribe to an RSS feed • 57% belong to a social network • 55% upload & share photos • 83% have watched videos online


  11. Do Create a page to promote your brand Point fans to your company blog Encourage discussion Explore targeted advertising opportunities Don’t Create a page and abandon it Try a hard sell approach Censor comments Spam your friends/fans with frequent messages; you’ll frighten them away Post false information Social Networking

  12. Do Post regularly Encourage discussion and feedback Ask bloggers from the company to contribute Respond to customer queries Post reviews of the products from industry experts or customers Don’t Write press releases. Write about something real and exciting Delete fair but critical comments make your users register to comment – they won’t bother Let complaints go answered Blogs

  13. Do Create interest for real world activities Do thorough research to visualize your brand in this fantasy world Be creative – if someone uses your product, have them turn into a fluffy animal, or dance and sing, or speak a language they can’t for 30 seconds. Elvish? Mae Govannen? Don’t Just do the same old thing; experiment with your brand since it’s a fantasy world Virtual Reality

  14. Myths about Social Media • It’s for kids. • Youtube features cat videos. I don’t want to cheapen our brand by posting there! • I have a facebook account. I got it covered. • It’s a fad. It won’t last. • If we delete all the nasty comments, no one will know.

  15. Social media can help your brand if you are smart about it.

  16. 95 Theses from the Cluetrain Manifesto • Markets are conversations. • The Internet enables conversations that were simply not possible in the era of mass media. • These networked conversations are allowing for powerful new forms of knowledge exchange and social organization.

  17. Markets are getting smarter, more organized, better informed. • Participation in a networked market changes people fundamentally • Companies must come out of their ivory towers and speak in a human voice • Companies must share the concerns of their communities • If you want us to talk to you, tell us something. Make it interesting for a change.

  18. We want to talk…not be made to listen. • Traditional corporations may view our networks as confusing but we are organizing faster than they are. • We have better tools, new ideas and no rules to slow us down!