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Social Media Workshop

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Social Media Workshop
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Social Media Workshop

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  1. Craig Wilson Social Media Workshop

  2. Today’s Objectives • Social media: is it hype or real? • What are customers doing about it? • Can you show me some sample use cases? • How can we help them? • What do I need to do now?

  3. What is Social media? Social Media in the Contact Center?

  4. What is driving this? The Social Phenomenon

  5. Social IdentitySHIFT FromAnnonymity To…Community

  6. Users are sharing more information

  7. More willing to add their name

  8. As well as their location

  9. Peer Pressure SUPPORT Haveyouthoughtabout a DSLR? I’mlookingfor a new Camera I likethesmall, easytocarryones. They are inexpensive and theytakegreatshots I had a reallybadexperiencewiththeModel Z fromQuartec. Stayawayfromthatone!

  10. Where is its Impact “ By Wednesday afternoon, a Facebook page called Boycott Delta for Soldiers had sprung, and the airline was backpedaling…

  11. Where is its Impact • Arab Spring • Bin Laden’s death • Occupy Wallstreet • Weinergate • Chapstick / Ragu • Vancouver Riot Response • Parliamentary Tweets

  12. Marketing spendshiftingtowardsDigital Billboards TV Print

  13. WhyGetinto Social Media? Drive improved brand loyalty, defuse bad publicity and turn detractors into promoters

  14. Social Recruiting • Post Jobs • FBMarketplace • FB Page • Tweet Links • Groups • SelfSearch • Topics • Locations • Industries • Users • Pages • Groups • 955 hires in 2010 • 681 Applicants – 45 hires (7%) • 3926 Applicants, 226 hires (6%) • 1004 Applicants, 84 hires (8.3%) txt

  15. Source:

  16. Today’s Financial Advisors • 30% of advisors are using social media tools to expand or maintain their book of business1 • Advisors are increasingly relying on their personal “brand” rather than on their corporate brand to market themselves1 • 76% of advisors say they rely on their own marketing efforts more than their firms’ • How Advisors want to engage through social media:1 • Client communications • Gaining market insight • Prospecting • Building personal brand • Advisor’s compliance awareness:2 • 57% were aware of a company policy • 32% were not aware of any company policy • 11% were unsure of any policy 1- HNW inc Advisor Study, 20102- SocialWare Advisory Survey, 2010

  17. Direct Marketing @jetbluecheeps has over 78,000 followers for their renowned Monday last minute deals. Taking advantage of the already spontaneous twitter crowd to fill seats. Source:

  18. So whatdoesthis mean toyou? ExponentialGrowthin Social Interactions

  19. Social Media in the Enterprise Today’s Reality

  20. Burning Questions How can my agents become “Social Media Ready”? How can I integrate Social Context into my Customer Service Engine? What’s the best strategy for capturing and filtering Social Content? Can I leverage Social Media to enhance collaboration at my enterprise? Which Social Media Channels make sense for me? Can Social Media improve my Outbound performance? How do I measure Success? What business value can Social Media bring my company?

  21. Step 1 - The Social Opportunity The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Web (external) (internal) I believethereisthevalue in Social Media but I wonderhowtogetstarted…

  22. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment ? Marketing IT CustomerCare

  23. Step 2 - CurrentState and Objectives The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Products Web (external) General Content (internal) Needto Link up withour Marketing teamtounderstandwhatwe are puttingoutthere Whatbusinessobjectives are wetryingtomeet ? How can weachievethosethrough Social Means? PUSH Marketing Team

  24. Step 2 – CURRENT STATE & OBJECTIVES • Differentparts of thecompany are active on social networksbut in siloedfashion • Social Media isstrickly a sales conversation (campaigns) • OrganizationalStructuredoesnothaveclarityspecificto Social Media or a Social Media Strategyteam has recentlybeenformed • LOB, IT and Sales/Mktgmayhave Social Plansbut in isolationfromeachother Symptoms

  25. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment – Step 2 Social Media Strategist Marketing Strategist

  26. Step 3 - Listen… The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Products Web (external) General Content (internal) Let me starttoLISTENtowhatisbeingsaidoutthere. ByWhom, in whichplatforms and howfrequently Needtohire a fewFTEstohandlethis load PULL PUSH Manual Effort Social Response Team

  27. Step 3 – LISTEN • Primarily a Defensive Strategy • Companyinvests in 1 FTEstogetstartedon Social Media • Leveraging 1 to 3 cloudbased (Manual) toolsto crawl Social Platformactivity • Focusislimitedto 1 to 2 platforms (i.e.FB and twitter) • Basic searchcriteriaisestablished (keywordsdriven) • Mustreadcontentonebyone, somekeywordsearchused • Little to no reporting / businessintelligenceisgathered Symptoms

  28. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment Social IntelligenceAnalyst Social Media Strategist Marketing Strategist

  29. Step 4 - Engage The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Products Web (external) General Content PULL (internal) Let’sEngagewithouraudience! When? PUSH Manual Effort How? Who? Social Response Team

  30. Step 4 – ENGAGE • Companyinvests in 1 to 3 more FTEstogetengagedonthe social web (all in Marketing team) • Basic Processisput in place toensureconsistency in responses • Little to no reportingisavailable • None of theactivities are automated • Lowvolume of interactions • Highestprioritygiventonegativementionsrelatingtobrand Symptoms

  31. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment Community Leader Social Content Manager Social Commerce Social IntelligenceAnalyst Social Media Strategist Marketing Strategist

  32. Step 5 - LEARN The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Products Web (external) General Content PULL (internal) Policy? KPI ? PUSH How can I getthisteamreadyfor Social Conversations? Manual Effort Response Times? Risks? Social Response Team Agent Training?

  33. Step 4 – LEARN • Teamstartstograspvolume of activity,criticality and prioritization of activity. Companyinvests in more FTEs (up to 10 total) toexpandsupport (all in Marketing team) • Expandtoinclude Blogs and 1 to 2 otherrelevantplatformsorcommunities (i.e.Youtube, foursquare) • Manual toolsstillprevalentbutcompanystartsexploringservices (predominantly Cloud based) “forfee” services • Specificcritical social interactionshighlighttheimportance of proactivehandling of priority cases. Leveragethosetosell idea tomgmt • Deeperprocedures, guidelines, policies are put in place tosupporttheoperation and minimizerisk • Volumeisgrowingbutstillmanageable Symptoms

  34. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment CommunityManager CommunityManager CommunityManager Community Leader Social Content Manager Social Commerce Social IntelligenceAnalyst Social Media Strategist Marketing Strategist

  35. Step 5 - IntegratewithCustomerCare The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Products General Content Web (external) PULL How can I integratethe Social channelinto my CustomerServiceEngine? (internal) PUSH Manual Effort Tools Process People Social Response Team

  36. Step 5 – IntegratewithCustomerCare • Infrastructureiscapable of receiving social activity in a seamlessfashion • Amount of social itemsrequiringhumaninteraction are greatlyreducedviaenhancedfilteringcapabilities • SPAM, language, sentiment, relevance • Contextual data isaddedtoworkitemsautomaticallytoenhancetheagentsabilitytoaddressworkitem • User Social ranking & CRM pull in of data • Workitemisintelligently and automaticallyroutedtorelevantgroupstoimprove time toresolution • Reporting capabilities are now in line withtherest of themetricsthecontact centre provides and are enhancedtoconsidertheimpact of Social as a channel Symptoms

  37. Step 6 - Expansion The Social Web Chatterrelevanttoyou! Services General Info Surveys Events Products ThoughtProvoking Generated Content Community Content General Content Web (external) PULL Good News! Wehavecreated Social Programsdesignedtosucceedthrough Social Media (internal) PULL PUSH PUSH We are ReadytoGo! Social StrategyTeam

  38. Step 6 – EXPAND • Social Media StrategyPlanningmatures in theenterprise • DefinedObjectives are set (includingbusinessKPIs) • Programsput in place tospecificallyaddress Social objectives (i.e.growth in followers, re-tweets, increaseengagementitems, increased sales) • Marketing makesdealwithexternalcompanytosupport in thecreation, development and promotion of communities • Monitoringsolutions are put in place that are linkedto marketing campaigns and can tracksuccess of suchcampaigns • Volume of social itemsrequiringhumanreviewincreasesexponentially. Symptoms

  39. Social StrategyTeamDevelopment CommunityManager CommunityManager CommunityManager Community Leader Social Content Manager CustomerCare Social Commerce Social IntelligenceAnalyst Reports, Dashboards, Business Intelligence Social Media Strategist Marketing Strategist

  40. Steps towards Social Engagement Readiness Current State & Objectives Awareness Opportunity: Does engaging in Social Media make sense for my company Customer Where are we going and how is Social Media going to help get us there Listen Current Landscape: Applicability, competition, industry, competitive opportunity What is being said, Who is saying it, Where is it being said Engage What does the information tell us and how can we achieve our objectives? Learn Plan to handle scale with accuracy and integrity Integrate Deliverable Document Point of entry Plug into Customer Care capabilities and insert “Social” with the rest of the interaction points Expand Social Media is integrated into the customer engagement process The operation is now ready for scale. Team is Social Ready and capable of expansion 3 2 5 1 7 6 4

  41. What’s Next on my Journey? Social Media Roadmap User Adoption & Collaboration Social Assessment Social Strategy Define objectives (desired Social Identity) Identify Alternatives Choose a Path Define a strategy Choose Technology to address needs Establish Strategic Roadmap to achieve Build segmentation defined by conversations Identify points of contact for listening and engaging Define routing strategy Identify Success criteria metrics Measure and Monitor Define User Adoption Plan for Social Media uptake Knowledge learning across the enterprise Share comments and observations with discrete communities of interest Establish a continuous improvement & optimization What social technologies do you have? What applications should you be considering? What are the likely departments for deployment? How is this technology likely to evolve?

  42. Thank-you