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  1. Second Dynasty 1383 - The last king of the first dynasty died - D. Fernando His wife, Leonor of Teles, became regent of the kingdom. But his daughter (D. Beatriz) was married to the king of Castile which endangered the independence of Portugal. The kingdom was divided between those who wanted D. Beatriz to reign and those who preferred D. João, master of Avis. For two years, Portugal remained without rulers, period that became known as the crisis of 1383-1385. Second Dynasty In 1385, D. João became king.

  2. Kings of the 2nd. Dynasty D. João I Good Memory (1385-1433) D. Duarte the Eloquent (1433-1438) D. Afonso V The African (1438-1481) D. João II The perfect Prince (1481-1495) D. Sebastião The desired (1557-1578) D. João III The Pious (1521-1557) D. Manuel I O venturous (1495-1521) D. Henrique The Chaste (1578-1580)

  3. 2nd. Dynasty (1385-1581) 14 of August of 1385 - Battle of Aljubarrota. The Portuguese, commanded by D. João I and D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, defeated the Castilians, guaranteeing the independence of Portugal. Here D.João ordered the construction of the Monastery of Batalha

  4. 2nd Dynasty (1385-1581) Reasons to start the Discoveries Food shortage and deadly diseases such as plague. Men of the Church wanted to spread the Christian faith. The noble warriors no longer had a source of wealth, after having signed the peace treaty with Castile.

  5. 2nd Dynasty (1385-1581) The main responsible of the Discoveries was the Infante D. Henrique. Infante D. Henrique The expansion of Portugal began in 1415, with a trip to North Africa, with the purpose of conquering the city of Ceuta, because it was an important commercial point for cereals and gold.

  6. Factos históricos importantes 1385 - Battle of Aljubarrota D. João, Master of Avis and D. Nuno Álvares Pereira won the Castilians. 1419 – Discovery of Madeira e Porto Santo João Gonçalves Zarco e Tristão Vaz Teixeira 1427 – Discovery of the Azores Diogo de Silves 1434 – Cap Bojador Gil Eanes sailed behind Bojador 1487 – Cape of Storms Bartolomeu Dias doubles the Cape of Storms that is now called Cape of Good Hope. 1498 – Maritime route to india Vasco da Gama 1519 – Travel around the world Fernão de Magalhães completes the circumnavigation 1500 – Discovery of Brazil Pedro Álvares Cabral 1578 Battle of Alcácer Quibir D. Sebastião loses independence and disappears

  7. Fim da segunda dinastia e início da terceira dinastia D. Sebastião disappeared in the Battle of AlcácerQuibir and his uncle succeeded him. (Cardinal Henrique) A crisis of succession arises after the death of the cardinal, who did not leave successor. The people chose D. António, prior of Crato, to king. The king of Spain invaded Portugal, with the help of the clergy and the nobility, and was proclaimed king of Portugal, with the name D. Filipe I. 3rd . Dynasty For 60 years Portugal lost its independence and lived under Spanish rule.