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Qin Dynasty & Han Dynasty

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Qin Dynasty & Han Dynasty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qin Dynasty & Han Dynasty . Ms. Berry Social Studies 6 th Grade . After the Zhou Dynasty… . Qin Dynasty 221 B.C. to 206 B.C. (15 years) . The First Emperor…. Ruler was Qin Shi Huangdi #1: first emperor of the Qin Dynasty ; became a King at age 13

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qin dynasty han dynasty

Qin Dynasty & Han Dynasty

Ms. Berry

Social Studies

6th Grade

after the zhou dynasty
After the Zhou Dynasty…
  • Qin Dynasty
  • 221 B.C. to 206 B.C. (15 years)
the first emperor
The First Emperor…
  • Ruler was Qin Shi Huangdi
  • #1:
  • first emperor of the Qin Dynasty;
  • became a King at age 13
  • ruled using ideas of legalism
  • united China and extended borders,
  • began building the Great Wall
  • As the first emperor he rejected ideas of Confucius and adopted the ideas of Legalism
  • #2: Legalism
  • strict laws and use of bureaucracy set up by Shi Huangdi, people who obey are rewarded and those who do not obey are punished.
cruel and unusual punishments
Cruel and Unusual Punishments
  • Shi Huangdi banned books that taught other ideas so he ordered books to be burned.
  • Those that disobeyed him or got in the way were killed…tossed into pits and buried alive
united china
United China
  • #3: Standardization-
  • to make all things of a certain type alike, such as coins, writing, and weights; made trade and communication easier
  • This helped to unite the empire.
  • Ordered that only people in the army could carry weapons
  • Created provinces, similar to states in the US
  • Appointed his own government officials to run provinces.
  • Established a system of taxes
the end
The End…
  • Many people feared Shi Huangdiand this fear kept them from rebelling
  • After his death, his son took over but he was a weak ruler
  • Civil war broke out
  • The Han King defeated the Qin and took power.
shi huangdi s legacy
Shi Huangdi’s Legacy
  • #5: thousands of clay sculptures of solidersfound underground near the tomb of Shi Huangdi


the han dynasty
The Han Dynasty
  • 206 B.C. to 220 A.D. – more than 200 years
  • #6: Han Gaozu
  • founder of the Han Dynasty, was a peasant, real name was Liu Bang, used both Confucianism and Legalism to rule
changes in the government
Changes in the Government…
  • #7: Civil Service
  • created by emperor Wu Di; is part of a bureaucracy that oversees the day to day business of running a government, jobs were earned by doing well on tests so positions were open to all classes.
  • #8:
  • A philosophy that teaches that the key to happiness is accepting life as it is, developed into a religion
  • Yin
  • Yang


the great wall of china
The Great Wall of China
  • #9:
  • a wall built to keep out invaders from the north; extended during each dynasty


the silk road
The Silk Road
  • #10:
  • A land trade route established during the Han dynasty that linked China with the West; could be dangerous
  • Not made of silk and not really a road
  • Caravans of traders
  • Also had water routes