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Yuan Dynasty

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Yuan Dynasty. By David J. Guillaume & Abby Broussard. History.

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yuan dynasty

Yuan Dynasty

By David J. Guillaume & Abby Broussard

  • The Yuan dynasty lasted officially from 1271 to 1368. It was also called the Mongol dynasty. It was ruled by the Borjigin family. They invaded and ruled during their dynasty. In the historiography of China, it followed the Song Dynasty an preceded the Ming Dynasty.
the past
THE Past
  • Yuan armor Yuan warrior
            • Yuan Dynasty city walls replica
  • Yuan art
  • Yuan art

Chinese writing

  • Lamaism was a religion practiced by people during the Yuan Dynasty. It is a mixture of Buddhism and Shamanism. It originated from the Tibet religion.
the forbidden city
The Forbidden City
  • The Forbidden city was built during 1406 and 1420 thing Dynasty. It is also called the Palace the Museum. It had been the imperial home of 24 emperors of the Ming Dynasty through 1368 and 1644.
  • Political or economical policy that isolates a country from participating in international relationships.
  • The Mongols are properly known as the Mongolic people. Although Mongols are found prominently in Mongolia, they live in minority groups throughout Northern Asia, Russia, and China. Mongolic people belong to the Buryat ethnic group. They speak many languages known as the Mongolic languages.
  • There were two major factors that caused the Yuan dynasty’s decline. One was the class conflict caused by heavy taxation. The other one was ethic contradiction because of the Four Class System. The Yuan court started to decline during the rule of Emperor Renzong. After that , the court fell apart and the dynasty fell apart due to uprisings from small government groups.