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Warm Up

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Warm Up
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  1. Warm Up • Write the genre and subgenre for each of the five items. • Explain how you know your answer. • You will have one minute to complete each item.

  2. 1 “Hansel and Gretel” Retold by Kristy Kruse The story of a young girl and boy who get lost in the woods and stumble upon a gingerbread house. They eat a bunch of it, until they find out it’s a magical witch’s house. She enslaves them, cages them, and feeds them candy to fatten them up as she intends to eat them. Will they kick her into the oven and escape?

  3. 2 Buying the Farm by Nick Stilling Ever since losing his father in a tragic accident on the farm, talented musician Jason Freeborn hasn’t been the same. His grades have been slipping, he stopped going to music lessons, and he can’t seem to relate with his friends anymore. To make matters worse, the bank is trying to take his family’s farm. Will Jason be able to raise the money?

  4. 3 The Journey of America By: Mortini Publishing This textbook contains brief overviews of major events in American history. Learn about the colonization of Jamestown, George Washington, the Civil War, and more. Write the genre and subgenre on your paper.

  5. 4 My Neighbor Ben Franklin by Paul Phillips It is the fictional story of a young boy who lives with his family next door to one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. This young boy finds Franklin conducting some kooky experiments, overhears some of Franklin’s secret meetings, and has the opportunity to help in a big way.

  6. 5 “Not Just Man’s Best Friend” by Stacy Pare In this essay, Pare discusses the horrible conditions and overcrowding present in many animal shelters and kennels. She tries to convince readers to adopt these animals and argues the many virtues of dog ownership.

  7. Answers • Folklore, fairy tale • Fiction, realistic fiction • Nonfiction, informational writing • Fiction, historical fiction • Nonfiction, persuasive writing