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Mitosis. 1.Prophase. Chromosomes coil to short fat rods. Nuclear envelope breaks up. Spindle fibers assemble across cell. Animal Cell Prophase. Plant Cell Prophase. a. Early Prophase. 1. Chromatin coils to chromosomes. 2. Nucleolus & nuclear membrane break down & disappear.

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  1. Mitosis

  2. 1.Prophase Chromosomescoil to short fat rods Nuclear envelope breaks up Spindle fibers assemble across cell Animal Cell Prophase Plant Cell Prophase

  3. a. Early Prophase 1. Chromatin coils to chromosomes 2. Nucleolus & nuclear membrane break down & disappear 3. Centrioles move to poles (animal cells only).

  4. b. Middle Prophase Spindle fibers (microtubules) appear • 2 Kinds: • Polar – centriole to centriole • Kinetochore – centromere to centriole Control Movement

  5. c. Late Prophase • Aster appear (fibers that radiate from each centriole)

  6. 2.Metaphase • Kinetochore fibers move chromosomes to equator cell; line up.

  7. 3.Anaphase • Centromere splits • Sister chromatids pulled to opposite ends

  8. 4.Telophase Identical chromatids at opposite end (each side has complete set of chromosomes) Centrioles & spindle disappear Chromatids unwind & elongate to chromatin Nucleolus & nuclear membrane reappear

  9. 1.Prophase 2.Metaphase 3.Anaphase 4.Telophase

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