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Literary Magazine

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Literary Magazine. Course Description. Literary Magazine: An Overview. Combination of creative writing and magazine publication. Students work to improve their writing and design skills. All students have the opportunity to enter contests and earn national recognition.

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Literary Magazine

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    1. Literary Magazine Course Description

    2. Literary Magazine: An Overview Combination of creative writing and magazine publication. Students work to improve their writing and design skills. All students have the opportunity to enter contests and earn national recognition. Honors level students are expected to lead the class in discussions and assignments.

    3. Honors and Awards • 2011 Gold Crown Award • One of only thirteen in the country • The highest award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association • 2011 Pacemaker Finalist and 2007 Pacemaker Winner • One of only twenty finalists and six winners in the country • The highest award from the National Scholastic Press Association

    4. Honors and Awards • Columbia Scholastic Press Association • Gold Medalist • 11 years in a row • National Scholastic Press Association • All-American with five marks of distinction • 11 years in a row • Inducted into Hall of Fame 2011

    5. Literary Magazine Distinctions Writing and editing Feature Article Review Layout and design Judging Fundraising/patrons/ community relations

    6. The Writing Process The focus is on the process approach to writing: prewriting, drafting, revising and peer editing. Students will learn strategies for working collaboratively to offer and accept criticism. Students will reflect on the revision and writing process after the peer review sessions.

    7. The Composition Notebook Group Reviews Outside Readings • These are after-the-fact analyses of the in-class groups. • Reflective writing is the goal in group reviews. • Students should identify the progression of their writing from review to review. • Students must choose 4 book passages or poems that relate to a common theme. • They will analyze these passages for author’s purpose, mood/tone/style/diction/ syntax/phrasing.

    8. Feature Article Students are to pick a topic that has literary merit, relevance and interest. Topics might range from quaint coffee shops to a local artist. Students will perform research, conduct interviews, type up transcripts and utilize appropriate revision strategies.

    9. Review Students will write a movie or book review. Students will first study and critique published reviews, analyze different styles, and submit a practice review. Review topics may include Academy Award nominees, Grammy nominees, literary novels, or Nobel Prize-winners.

    10. Layout and Design Students will work in independent and collaborative settings. They will create spreads that demonstrate an understanding of design elements (dominance, white space, typography, balance, unity, contrast, repetition, harmony). They will use several different mediums including graphic elements, photography and art. Students will focus on finding inspiration from modern design trends.

    11. Judging Students will number submissions and judge them anonymously. Judging is crucial to the success of the magazine, and all students are expected to evaluate honestly and without bias. After all the scores have been averaged, submissions with the highest scores will be selected for publication in the magazine.

    12. Patrons Roars and Whispers is funded by magazine sales and patron donations. Donations are tax-deductible Anyone who donates will have their name/name of their business on the Patron Page in the back of the magazine Additionally, patrons receive a complimentary copy of the magazine

    13. Electronic Resources Website—major information for parents and students, including new Graduation Project booklet, prospectus, due dates, etc. Schoology—daily/ongoing assignment clarification and resources for students. eDesign Under Construction Email

    14. Thank You Parents! Many thanks to those of you who have contributed antibacterial wipes and/or tissues. I have only missed one day of desk cleaning  Thank you for supporting the Barnes & Noble Book Fair!