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Magazine ideas

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Magazine ideas
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Magazine ideas

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  1. Magazine ideas

  2. Kaleidoscope • This magazine will be the genre of Indie and Dubstep music. • The title is the idea of how different people interpret music, like how different people view the patterns from kaleidoscopes. • Featured in the magazine will be gigs, events, what artists and public feel from the music. • It will also have drug awareness so people can understand the effects of things they are offered at gigs and festivals, it will also have a page where unsigned acts can email the magazine and have a chance of a feature in the mag to get them recognised.

  3. Digital convergence • Kaleidoscope will have an iphone app, showing where gigs are going on and new tracks to download. • A website of articles not shown in the magazine, with links to buy tickets and discount codes. • Also a YouTube channel with music videos and interviews from artists.

  4. Who will it appeal to? • Average age will be 16-28 • Male and female readership • Quite mainstream artist that are quite widely known but will feature some people everyone may not of heard of. • People who don't live for music but enjoy a music soundtrack to their life in social situations like gigs and parties.

  5. It will be a fortnightly magazine, and have special issues about festivals and big events coming up. • It wont be highly designed, quite a random layout with lots of pictures and articles.

  6. Motown • This magazine will feature about Motown music, and soul artist, and also introduce modern artist interpreting the soul sounds. • The Motown magazine will also feature recent Motown events like tribute acts and iconic performances when Motown first became popular. • Each issue will feature a CD which will be the perfect soundtrack to go with that issue of the magazine.

  7. Digital convergence • Running along side the magazine will be a radio show which will feature the same music in the magazine. • It will also have a website with reviews from people who have rated tribute acts.

  8. The magazine will be monthly and highly designed, typically American, with lots of photos. It could be a collectable thing.

  9. The Motown magazine will appeal to an older audience who have grew up with the music, but will also appeal to younger people who are interested in old music and interpreting it to make new material. • Typical artist to be featured in the magazine will be; The drifters, Marvin Gaye, Otis Reading, e.t.c