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Magazine comparing

Magazine comparing.

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Magazine comparing

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  1. Magazine comparing centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  2. The colour used in the title (baby blue) is a calm colour which also is the same as Kane west's collar. The colour is not aimed at as specific sex, as the colour is not harsh, also the pink also gives a hint that it can be for girls. The colour also links to the younger generation, as you link darker colours to older ages. The font is simple which is suitable for both sexes. If it had a sharp edges and points in the writing you would link it to a boy magazine or if it had patterns around the font then you would link it to a girls mag. The image used was a large image of kanye himself. This shows the audience what the main focus of the magazine is about. So people automatically identify who and what its about without having to read. Also his clothing matches the title of the magazine. The language is very shot and straight to the point. This is good as because people don’t get bored reading, just to find out what's inside the magazine. The font is large so that people can read it clearly. layout is very simple an effective. The image is bang in the middle covers a huge percentage of the magazine. All the writing around the image simply tells you what is inside the magazine without giving away to much detail which allows the audience to want to find out more and then buy the magazine. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  3. The colour used in the writing is a subtle colour. The title is a light purple, and some subheadings are a bark shade of the same colour. This makes the subheadings stand out more than the title themselves. Also the person in the middle is wearing cream colours, yet they have edited the picture so he has a slight hind of purple on him, so that he blends in with the writing. The font is kept very simple, which is effective as it is easy to read. It does not give away what type of music it is as you could link a different font with a style of music. It has various sizes which is effective. It allows the audience to view the main features straight away. The smaller sizes give out slightly more information, but gives the audience the will to pick it up and read on. The image used is very simple as it is just a single picture of a man. The audience do know what the magazine is about, but it does not give away what genre the magazine is about. The colour use of the mans clothing does go well with the writing as is has tints on the purples. The language used is very simple and effective. It doesn't give away to much in formation, but just enough for the audience to buy it so they can find more out. The font is large enough to make it eye catching and allow the audience to view what it is with ought having to pick it up. The layout is very simple. The image of the man in the middle is effective but does not give away the genre. the writing is positioned around the man but overlaps the body and also is but out around his head, which is a downer on the magazine. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  4. The colour used in the magazine is very messy. The image in the background is very messy and its them jumping through broken glass. There's a bright red box in the background which stands out because of the contrast but looks messy and out of place. The font used is very simple and is effective. This is because it has a white background behind it. It has two shades. There is barely any writing but what there is does stand out. But it does not give away any information in what's in the magazine, maybe not enough to get people to buy it, unless they are fans of the musicians. The image used is very large and covers the whole background. It’s a good image of the band but is slightly messy for a magazine cover, when you need writing over the top. The language used is very simple, and has very little of it. The title is the name of the band so people can easily identify what the magazine is about. But the rest does not real say what information is going to be inside. This could be a downer of the magazine cause the audience would have to pick it up and read through magazine to see what's inside. The layout is simple and effective. Besides the fact that the image is to messy, they have made it so the writing still stand out and do not overlap. It is well spread out so that its easy to read. And the faces of the band are all on show. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  5. Comparing the 3 The title : all three of the magazines have a different presentation. Even though I believe the “vibe” magazine has the best title, it is slightly covered up but kanye’s head. “under the radar” title is not as clear as the other two as the righting is not as noticeable because of its colour and is also slightly hidden from the mans head. The most I identifiable title is the kings of Leon as is bang in the middle which stands out the most. The picture: The “vibe” poster has the best image as it is a close up shot of Kanye, and none of the writing covers him, compare the “Under the radar, as writing over laps him and is hidden behind him. I believe “Kings of Leon” has the worst image, this is because it has the title and other writing over the top, which makes it look messy. The Writing: “Under the radar” and “Vibe” have a very similar lay out. But The Writing in “Under the Radar” The colours don’t contrast against the image which makes it blend in and less noticeable. Where as “Vibe” contrasts against the image, but also connects with the image using the blue. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  6. I personally believe that “Vibe has the best magazine as the layout is the easiest to read, and has used the correct colours to connect to the audience and the poster itself. The layout is very simple and easy to ready which makes it allot easier to read for the audience. It has enough information for the audience to want to buy it and read more, but not so much that they get bored and not want to read the rest. Also underneath the title his name “Kanye West” and also his genre of music, so that people who don’t know he is can still pick up the magazine because of its genre. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  7. One of the most popular music magazines Colour/font: the colour in the magazines are usually the same colour. The main colours consist of black and white. No matter who the main focus of the magazine is, the title is always in the same place and in the same style. The writing is usually all the same font except for some parts of the magazine. The writing is 90% white and has a white/red box around it. Some changes between yellow and green, etc. The image changes in all of the magazines, kerrang has a different band or artist on the front of the magazine. The image is always in the middle and sometimes overlaps the title. In all there magazines they all have a few smaller images around the page. These are usually to show the poster that is in the magazine. The overall layout of the magazine is well laid out. They all are filled with images and contain no white space besides the title. The magazine is made to look messy, but laid out in a way so that it is easy to read and identify. Over all the magazine is very effective. It shows us the main article, images of the posters and some brief information on what's inside the magazine. So this is why its one of the best magazines in the world. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

  8. Audience response Response 1 (Kirby): personally I prefer the “trey songz” magazine. This is because of the dark background stands out from some of the other VIBE magazines. Also the image used is quite attractive, and will be to the female gender. The layout is still easy to read but some of the red writing makes it harder to see which is the only let down. Response 2 (Mark): I personally like the magazine on the right. This is because the image and background gives a feel that he is in prison and that he’s angry, which might have a reason behind it. The image is very effective but to most males is not attractive. If you were a male you would either pick up your favourite artist or go for the image, such as Beyonce for a male. Response 3 (Brandon): I think the magazine in the middle is the best. This is because the writing all around is really easy to read and the image in the middle is very effective. The comment “Beyonce strips down for summer “ will also capture a lot of male attraction, which will gain for sales. centre:52336 yanick grimaldi candidate:7064

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