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Magazine Drafts PowerPoint Presentation
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Magazine Drafts

Magazine Drafts

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Magazine Drafts

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  1. Magazine Drafts By Kiera Garrison

  2. Draft #1 • This is my first draft. I used this image from the internet as I haven’t yet gathered my own. I chose to use this image as I like how the lighting is in at, as it only lights up a little bit on the person in the middle on the eerie hallway. I have chose to put the name of my magazine at the top because when researching others, the name is at the top. I have put the name of my trailer in big letters as it is what this magazine is mostly about and I have put the tag line underneath it as I think it may be an important thing to put on, but I may remove it on future drafts.

  3. Draft #2 • Here I have added a film strip as I think that before it didn’t look much like a magazine front cover. The images I have put into the film strip are from the internet as like the main image because I haven’t yet taken my own images. The images in the film strip are of similar images that I would try to take myself, as they will be part of my film trailer.

  4. Draft #3 • Here I felt that the main text was a little boring and simple to I used different methods to create these two different fonts compared to the draft before. I think that I will keep the font of the magazine name the same as I think it looks like it fits with the genre horror. I am not too sure about the font of the name of the trailer, but as you will see on the next couple of drafts I will look at different ones to see which one I like best.

  5. Draft #4 • Here I have used a smaller and thinner font for the film title because my opinion at this stage is that the other font on the previous draft is too big. I like how there are some gaps in the letters which I think looks more like it would match the genre.

  6. Draft #5 • Here I have tried a different approach to the text by making it a bit more bolder than the previous draft and giving the text some sort of angle. I don’t think that I will continue with this font as I think that doesn’t fit in with the genre style. I will continue to use the same layout as the rest of the front cover at this present time, but it may change when I gather my own photos and add other important things to the page.

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