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Magazine pitches

Magazine pitches. By Georgia Palmer. Read the Rhythm. £2.50 Free guitar Pick Inside!!. Take note. Mission statement .

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Magazine pitches

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  1. Magazine pitches By Georgia Palmer

  2. Read the Rhythm £2.50 Free guitar Pick Inside!! Take note

  3. Mission statement ‘Read the Rhythm’ ensures that we are always appealing to our readers. We aim to appeal to teens and young adults, (we aim to those who have a high chance of disposable income) who have an interest in fashion. We know that there are plenty of “Indie” based magazines, so to add a twist to it, we want to incorporate a fashion element to it, and how “Indie” music has influenced peoples dress sense since the genre appeared in the early 1980’s. This music’s home is Great Britain and originated here, so this magazine would have a British element, involving many English bands, but also not afraid to include other bands originating from elsewhere (this hopefully will broaden our audience, but giving it a ‘homey’ type feel). Each issue will include a different aspect of fashion, and a new interview with a different band, to add variety and ensure our readers never get bored. We are appealing to the audiences preferred music, but adding flavors of something different.

  4. Reader profile Lilly 19, has a stressful lifestyle, rushing to and fro from various Uni classes, all while trying to balance her part time job at a photography studio. To unwind she listens to the mellow tracks that Indie music provides, whether it be while she’s studying, relaxing or walking to her lectures. She also has an added flare for style, coincidentally, dressed in the same chilled style portrayed in her favorite music. Due to her part time job, and long hours at the office, she has a few spare pounds lying around, picking up a few of her favorite fashion items off the shelf, soon to be thrown around her dorm to be worn later. People like Lilly are our target readers.

  5. Rock, paper, scissors

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