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Music Magazine

Music Magazine . Music Genre/Sub-genre.

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Music Magazine

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  1. Music Magazine

  2. Music Genre/Sub-genre I want to do an electronic music magazine, possibly focussing more on electronic 2step, future garage and alternative music. I did consider doing my magazine on one of these sub-genres however I felt that it was not a broad enough subject and I wouldn’t be able to find many artists with that particular sub genre. Therefore, I’ve chosen to do electronic music where I can write about several different sub-genres under one main genre.

  3. Name Ideas: Synth Unplugged V Sounds Listen

  4. Audience My target audience is young people, from the age of 16 to 25. Although there are very few magazines of this genre I still want it to be popular therefore most of the bands and artists included will be relatively well known. I want to target an audience who are very interested in music and different types of music not just a specific artist.

  5. Mission Statement The mission statement for my magazine is to deliver information and entertainment about new undiscovered electronic artists and well known popular bands. The audience can develop their knowledge of music through the different sub-genres featured throughout the magazine, exploring their current favourite electronic bands and also finding new artists to listen to and love.

  6. USP This magazine is completely original; there are no electronic music magazines for sale. Therefore there is no competition, increasing sales and popularity than classic rock or pop magazines where a great deal of competition exists.

  7. Reader Profile My ideal reader is a 20 year old student who enjoys discovering new music and going out regularly to see up and coming artists. Their favourite genre is electronic however they enjoy listening to most genres, appreciating music as a whole not just certain songs. They are rarely without their Ipod, constantly updating music and listening at regular points throughout the day. I would like the reader to be of either genders however as I will create the magazine from my perspective it will perhaps be more suited to the female population.

  8. Ideas for Front Cover All these magazine covers feature a medium close up and simple background – this is what I would like to do for my cover. The three main colours is something I want to stick to, making the cover look professional. I don’t want to include too much text on my cover as it will look cluttered – I will take inspiration from these covers.

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