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Magazine project

March 19 th , 1968. Magazine project. 2.99!!. Alan Missildine. Articles on: President Nixon! Top 10 popular songs this year! Popular TV programs! and more!. President Nixon.

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Magazine project

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  1. March 19th, 1968 Magazine project 2.99!! Alan Missildine Articles on: President Nixon! Top 10 popular songs this year! Popular TV programs! and more!

  2. President Nixon Richard Nixon was born on January 9th, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California. In 1960, as a Republican, ran for president but lost to John F. Kennedy. He then won the White house in 1968 but had to resign in 1974 due to the Watergate affair. On his final moments as president he walked the steps of the Air Force 1 he turned around and threw peace signs to the crowd.

  3. Best selling novel A best selling novel in 1968 is Airport. The book is about a snowstorm that hits Lincoln International and forces a plane to return but has significant damage due to a bomb that was brought on board. The plane must land on a shorter runway that is near a noise sensitive suburb. Major characters: Mel Bakersfield, Tanya Livingston, Joe Patroni, D.O. Guerrero, Vernon Demerest, Gwen Meighen.

  4. Top 10 popular songs 1. Beatles………………….Hey Jude 2. Paul Mauriat…………Love is Blue 3. Bobby Goldsboro…..Honey 4. Otis Redding………..The Dock of the Bay 5. Rascals……………….People Got to be Free 6. Cream……………….. Sunshine of your love 7. Herb Alpert………….This Guy’s in love with You 8. Hugo Montenegro….The good, the Bad and the Ugly 9. Simon and Garfunkel..Mrs. Robinson 10. Archie Bell and The Drells… Tighten up

  5. Songs cont. I think the song “Hey Jude” is referring to the Watergate Affair where President Nixon is forced to resign. It says that “once you let it under your skin, you begin to make it better”.

  6. Popular shows 1. 60 Minutes: this television news magazine started in the year 1968 and is still a hit today. The show started its 45th season September 2012 and has been the most successful show in history. Characters: Jeff Fager, Bill Owens.

  7. Peggy Flimming Peggy Fleming is the 1968 Olympic Figure Skating Champion. She won that title in Grenoble, France. That was the only gold medal that the United States won at that particular Olympics. She was nineteen years old at the time. She was known for being both an athletic and graceful ice skater.

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