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Comparing Ideologies

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Comparing Ideologies. EngLea DiffInst MidSchPh . Students and adults need to be fed a healthy snack from 2 food groups every 2-2.5 hours. Do you know kids/adults who have skipped breakfast?.

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comparing ideologies
Comparing Ideologies





Students and adults need to be fed a healthy snack from 2 food groups every 2-2.5 hours. Do you know kids/adults who have skipped breakfast?

Do you aerobically exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week? Without exercise you will lose up to 10% of your body’s aerobic capacity each year after age 30. Exercise keeps brain cells working – in students and adults.

Seventy percent of your body weight is resting on 4 inches of bone when you sit. Time on task is equal to the age of the child. A 10 year old can stay on task for 10 minutes. Adults = 20 minutes

Brain Compatible Learning

We all feel comfortable with rituals in our life. Think of your morning routine.The more unstable the home life the more devoted to ritual the child is. That is why spelling has to be at 9:00 every day.

Students will do better academically when given choices and feel ownership in their learning/classroom. Additionally, students who are doing well in the classroom receive on the average 35% more praise than those who are struggling. How do you give complements?

Music: In preschool, students who are exposed to music lessons read earlier and are more adept in math than students who have not been exposed. And kids who have had 4 or more years of music lessons whether vocal or instrumental will score 20 – 40 points higher on each part of their SAT’s.

Our students learn best when you engage in as many learning styles/multiple intelligences as possible in each and every lesson. If we use more than 3 LS/MI in a lesson it is called a brainlink and that lesson will be remembered by more students for longer than a lesson that is not a brainlink.