activism new legislation and the supreme court advance equal rights for african americans n.
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Activism, new legislation, and the Supreme Court advance equal rights for African Americans. Civil Rights. What were the important people and events of the Civil Rights Movement? How can we use this information to be better citizens today?. EQ.

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What were the important people and events of the Civil Rights Movement? How can we use this information to be better citizens today?


51a - explain the importance of President Truman's order to integrate the U.S. military and the federal government

51b - identify Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball

51c - explain Brown v. Board of Education and efforts to resist the decision

51d - describe the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter From a Birmingham Jail and his I Have A Dream speech

51e - describe the contrasting views of Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, and other radicals of the Civil Rights movement

51f - describe the causes and consequences of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

taking on segregation

Activism and a series of Supreme Court decisions advance equal rights for African Americans in the 1950s and 1960s.

Taking on Segregation
plessy v ferguson

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling: separate but equal constitutional

Many states pass Jim Crow laws separating the races

Plessy v. Ferguson
the naacp legal strategy

Focuses on most glaring inequalities of segregated public education

  • Places team of law students under Thurgood Marshall
    • win 29 out of 32 cases argued before Supreme Court
The NAACP Legal Strategy
brown v board of education

Marshall’s greatest victory is Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

In 1954 case, Court unanimously strikes down school segregation

Brown v. Board of Education
reaction to brown

Within 1 year, over 500 school districts desegregate

Some districts, state officials, pro-white groups actively resist

Reaction to Brown

What Supreme Court decision established “separate, but equal?”

What Supreme Court decision overturned “separate, but equal?”

What is the name of the group that famously tested this case in AK?

What is the name of the 14-year old boy brutally beaten in MS?

the montgomery bus boycott

1955 NAACP officer Rosa Parks arrested for not giving up seat on bus

Elect 26-year-old Baptist pastor Martin Luther King, Jr. leader

The Montgomery Bus Boycott
soul force

King, others found Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

Join Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Tactics: Civil disobedience, massive demonstrations, Non-violence

“Soul Force”

Who founded the SCLC? What were their tactics?

What was the result of Rosa Parks not giving up her seat on a Montgomery, AL bus?

What did SNCC stand for?

What Supreme Court decision established “separate, but equal?”

What Supreme Court decision overturned “separate, but equal?”

What is the name of the group that famously tested this case in AK?

core s freedom rides

Freedom riders—blacks, whites sit, use station facilities together

  • Attorney general, Interstate Commerce Commission act:
    • ban segregation in all interstate travel facilities
CORE’s Freedom Rides
heading into birmingham

April 1963, SCLC demonstrate to desegregate Birmingham

King arrested, writes “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Heading into Birmingham
the dream of equality

August 1963, over 250,000 people converge on Washington

Speakers demand immediate passage of civil rights bill

King gives “I Have a Dream” speech

The Dream of Equality
i have a dream

What do you have a dream about?

I have a dream…. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

I have a Dream….
freedom summer

Freedom Summer—CORE, SNCC project to register blacks to vote in MS

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party formed to get seat in MS party

Fannie Lou Hamer—voice of MFDP at National Convention—wins support

Freedom Summer
the selma campaign

1965, voting rights demonstrator killed in Selma, AL

Second march, with federal protection, swells to 25,000 people

The Selma Campaign
3 2 1

3 things you learned

2 things you want to learn more about

1 question you have

voting rights act of 1965

Congress finally passes Voting Rights Act of 1965

Stops literacy tests, allows federal officials to enroll voters

Voting Rights Act of 1965
african american solidarity

Malcolm X —controversial Muslim leader, speaker; gets much publicity

  • Stokely Carmichael, head of SNCC, calls for Black Power:
  • Black Panthers fight police brutality, want black self-sufficiency
    • Preach ideas of Mao Zedong; have violent confrontations with police
African-American Solidarity
king s death

Seems to sense own death in Memphis speech to striking workers

  • Is shot, dies the following day, April 4, 1968
  • King’s death leads to worst urban rioting in U.S. history
    • over 100 cities affected
  • Robert Kennedy assassinated two months later
King’s Death

Who were the Freedom Riders?

What letter did King write after being arrested in Birmingham?

What happened during Freedom Summer?

What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 change?

Define Black Power.

Who were the Black Panthers?

Who was Malcolm X?

What happened after the death of MLK?

civil rights gains

Civil Rights Act of 1968 prohibits discrimination in housing

More black students finish high school, college; get better jobs

Greater pride in racial identity leads to Black Studies programs

More African-American participation in movies, television

Increased voter registration results in more black elected officials

Civil Rights Gains
unfinished business

White flight reverses much progress toward school integration

  • Unemployment, poverty higher than for whites
  • Affirmative action—extra effort to hire, enroll discriminated groups
    • 1960s, colleges, companies doing government business adopt policy
    • Late 1970s, some criticize policy as reverse discrimination