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Study MBA in USA: The Ultimate Guide to Top MBA Colleges (Updated 2018) PowerPoint Presentation
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Study MBA in USA: The Ultimate Guide to Top MBA Colleges (Updated 2018)

Study MBA in USA: The Ultimate Guide to Top MBA Colleges (Updated 2018)

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Study MBA in USA: The Ultimate Guide to Top MBA Colleges (Updated 2018)

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  1. Study MBA in USA: The Ultimate Guide to Top MBA Colleges (Updated 2018) A majority of international students wish to secure admission in an American university for their intended MBA program. However, an American MBA degree requires you to have a great GMAT score, a strong MBA resume, LORs, SOPs as well as an academic record that sets you apart from a sea of applications. But if you wish to obtain an MBA from the top universities globally, then an MBA in USA is what you have to work hard for. MBA in USA, UK and India: Cost Comparison Why Study MBA in USA? If you are still wondering, whether MBA in USA is worth your time and energy or not, then here are a few facts that you must know. 1.Quality Education:USA’s higher education has been among the top listers of the study overseas domain. Owing to world-class facilities, faculties along with modern teaching aid, makes all student of studying in America. Students from over 200 countries send applications for admissions into American universities. 2.Global Leader: MBA schools in America, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, etc have topped global lists and rankings for years now. 3.Variety of Courses: In fact, American universities have a plethora of MBA options, right from part time, to full-time as well as Executive MBA programs. 4.Merit-based Selection: All admissions to American universities are based on merit, especially for the MBA programs. An overall impressive profile with good balance of academics and practical work experience and GMAT score forms basis for selection. 5.Job Opportunities: An MBA degree from the USA will guarantee you work opportunities within as well as outside America. 6.Scholarship Options: If you dream of studying in America but do not have the means for it, don’t worry. American universities have a vast range of scholarships, that recognize credible students with the need of financial help. 7.Great Learning Environment: Students and faculty members from all corners of the world and with varied intelligences, make American universities as the best educational environments. STEM Education in USA: A Complete Guide

  2. The Top MBA Colleges in USA Before setting out to explore the top MBA options in USA, it must be emphasized that USA has a plethora of MBA programs to offer, be it a full-time course or an executive MBA program. However, the ball lies in the applicant’s court to choose from a myriad of options as to what type of MBA he wants to do and the subjects he wishes to pursue and specialize in. In addition, the consequent outcomes desired from an MBA degree must also be kept in mind. MBA in USA with IELTS On the basis of course outcomes, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial success, return on investment, etc, here are the Top MBA Colleges in America: • Harvard Graduate School of Business: The pioneer who introduced the world to MBA courses, has always been among the top in terms of the global ranks for MBA schools. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard offers full-time MBA program, doctoral programs, HBX and several executive education courses. It is one of the Magnificent Seven (M7) group of elite business schools. • Stanford Graduate School of Business: Stanford GSB is located in Stanford, California. It offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, the MSx Program (MS in Management for mid- career executives) and a Ph.D. programs. It is also one of the Magnificent Seven (M7) group of elite business schools. • Booth School of Business: Booth B-school of the University of Chicago is the second oldest B-school in USA. It is located in Chicago, Illinois and was the first to launch Executive MBA programs. Booth has been at loggerheads with Harvard for the 2018 top MBA schools globally.

  3. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania: Wharton of Philadelphia is one of the most selective of all B-schools as it is the hardest to crack. With only less than 9% acceptance rate, it is requires an average GMAT score of 730 or 97th percentile for admissions. Wharton, too is a part of the Magnificent Seven (M7) group of elite business schools. • MIT Sloan School of Management: MIT Sloan School of Management is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offers full-time MBA as well as Executive MBA programs. It has managed to be amlong the top MBA schools in USA because of its remarkable faculty members, that have been noted Nobel laureates in economics as well as John Bates Clark Medal winners. • Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University: The Kellogg School is located in Evanston, Illinois. In fact, it has several other campuses in Chicago, Illinois, Miami, Florida and has partnership with international schools such as those in China, France, Singapore, India, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Canada, and Thailand. Kellogg offers regular MBA as well as dual-

  4. MBA/JD and dual-MBA/MDI, and MMM programs. • Tuck School of Business: Amos Tuck School of Administration and Finance is the B-school of the Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. It only offers one full time residential MBA program and another Advanced Management Program for executives, that lasts for one or two weeks. • Yale School of Management: Yale SOM is the B-school of the University of Yale, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale offers a wide range of MBA programs such as Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA for Executives (EMBA), Master of Advanced Management (MAM), etc. A newly added entry into the long list of MBA and E-MBA courses is the one-year Master of Management Studies Degree course in Systemic Risk. Check out the Top B-Schools in USA

  5. What is the Cost of MBA in USA? The cost for a Master’s course such as an MBA in USA could fall between $300 to $1000. This cost includes living costs for rent (shared or individual apartment),bills and groceries, tuition fee $ 30,000 to 60,000 USD (depending on whether it is a public or a private B-school), insurances and recreational expenses. A typical MS or an MBA in USA could cost about $ 580, keeping only rents and a few basic bills in count. Add another $ 400 for additional costs for insurances and expenses. PhD in USA without GRE Scholarships for MBA in USA If you desire to seek scholarship for your intended MBA course in USA, then here are some options you must definitely consider. 1.Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship 2.Diversity Scholarships 3.The India Trust Fellowship 4.McGowan Fellows Program 5.Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship 6.Emerging Economy Fellowships 7.Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships 8.Joseph Wharton Fellowships 9.McKinsey Award 10.Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program 11.Social Impact Fellowships 12.Center For Business & Society 13.Need- And Merit-Based Scholarships 14.Master’s Fellowships 15.The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship USA Scholarships for Indian Students How to Apply for MBA in USA? In order to apply to your desired course, log on to the college/B-school website and fill out the application form and attach the necessary documents. Follow the instructions as well as email intimations from the school to complete the application process. Once your application is accepted and all documents have been verified, you might be called for an Interview. Once the interview is clear and you’re selected, you will receive the Letter of Offer for admission, thereon you can proceed with your visa formalities. One thing to be kept in mind in terms of MBA applications is, the deadlines. If you fail to apply well in time, you’ll miss out the chance altogether. The Deadlines: Most of the B-schools have at least 2-3 rounds of applications, therefore there is no general date for deadlines. However, an estimate rounds up to mid-September to early October for the first round, early January for the second round and dates and seats vary for the third round for all universities and schools. MBA in USA without Work Experience MBA in USA for Indian and International Students: Requirements and Eligibility

  6. In order to apply for your intended B-School, you need to appear for 1.IELTS/TOEFL/PTE: Depending on the language proficiency test that your university accepts, you must appear and get the score required. 2.GMAT/GRE: Next, depending on the type of MBA and the aptitude test accepted by the university, enroll and get a good GRE or GMAT score. MBA in USA with GRE As per the eligibility conditions, a candidate must have: • Education: At least 16 years of education, generally the formula followed abroad is of 12 years of schooling along with 4 years of graduation. (12+4 rule). However, for those with 12+3 years education, can either enroll for a Master’s course here and complete it, or just complete the first year, but from a recognized institution. Thus, for those who have completed their Master’s in India are also eligible to apply for an MBA course in USA. You will need all your oficial transcriptions and educational certificates. • Work Experience: Most of the MBA universities give preference to students with work experience between 2-1o years. The reason behind the important given to work experience is the knowledge of managerial and organization work along with the experience of the corporate or business environment makes a great prerequisite for all MBA applicants, who will be the entrepreneurs of the future. For this, you need to provide all your certificates received from the workplace. • Letter of Recommendation or LOR: The LOR is meant so that the admission officers have a better understanding and a clearer picture of your merit. This helps them in assessing whether you are a suitable candidate or not. • Statement of Purpose or SOP: Your SOP should contain everything that you wish to communicate with the admissions board so that you can convince them that you have the spark in you. It should be a personal statement that will make you stand out from numerous persons who have similar qualifications. • MBA Essay: Your resume is a summation of your career progression and accomplishments, your interests and extracurricular activities. Most of the top B-schools provide a question/topic for MBA essays. Discuss a time when you faced a challenging interpersonal experience. 1)How did you navigate the situation and what did you learn from it? (600 words). 2)Tell us three setbacks you have faced. (600 words) and 3) Describe a situation taken from your personal or professional life where you failed.Discuss what you learned. (400 words maximum). • MBA Resume: A good MBA resume marks your entry into the hoard for an MBA admission seat into the American universities. The most relevant and right kind of work experience along with the ‘experience’ and learning you received from your role at an organization along with what you take forward with you, is what your MBA resume should be about. • Interview: If your application is deemed worthy of an application, you shall receive an Invitation for MBA from the university. It is a regular interview process to verify the student’s aptitude and suitability for the MBA course. Therefore, you need to ace this interview at all costs, to fulfil your dream of an American MBA degree. Top 5 High Paying Jobs in USA To conclude, if an MBA in USA is your target then you must set on to getting a great GMAT score, get all your documents ready and apply well in advance. Once you have an MBA degree in hand, there is no stopping for you.