eq where is the country of greece located n.
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EQ: Where is the country of Greece Located? PowerPoint Presentation
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EQ: Where is the country of Greece Located?

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EQ: Where is the country of Greece Located? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EQ: Where is the country of Greece Located?
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  1. EQ: Where is the country of Greece Located?

  2. Where is Greece? • Greece is 5,748 miles from Georgia. • It takes 11 hours to fly from Georgia to Greece! • Its capital city is Athens

  3. Where is greece? • It is located on the continent of Europe. • What 2 hemispheres is Greece located in?

  4. Who is closer? • Is the USA or Greece closer to the equator? • Who is closer to the Prime Meridian?

  5. Landforms • Greece is a peninsula. That means it has water on 3 sides. • How is a peninsula similar and different from an island?

  6. Beaches • Today, many people visit Greece for the beautiful beaches & houses built on the sides of the mountains.

  7. Ancient Greece • In Ancient Greece, the different cities were at war with each other. • The most fearsome fighters came from the town of Sparta.

  8. The Climate • The climate is warm. • The Mediterranean Sea affects the Greek climate, cooling the air in summer and providing warmth in winter.

  9. The Climate - Summer • The Greek summer is hot and dry. • On average the sun shines for 3,000 hours per year. • The average temperature is 79°F. • The average rainfall is 20-50 inches.

  10. The Climate - winter • The Greek winter is moderate. It can be rainy on coastal regions and snowy in the mountains. • The average temperature is 40°F.

  11. Ancient greece - terrain • Greece has a very scenic landscape. • The terrain of Greece is very varied. • There are mountains, valleys and coasts. • The high mountains are separated by deep valleys through which rivers flow.

  12. Ancient greece - terrain • No part of Greece is more than about forty miles from the coast (a couple of days walking). • There are lots of islands surrounding Greece. • However, millions of years ago the seabed was completely dry!

  13. soil and plants • In Ancient Greece, farmers grew olives, figs, grain, fruit and grapes in the fertile valleys.

  14. Soil and plants • However, other parts of Ancient Greece had drier soil and less vegetation, particularly around the cities. • Although surrounded by sea water, they found it difficult to find fresh water away from the valleys.

  15. volcanic • Another important aspect of the Greek environment is that it is very unstable. • There are several active volcanoes and earthquakes are common.

  16. Your turn: can you locate greece on this map?