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  2. BACKGROUND OF BANGLADESH Bangladesh is a developing country in South-East Asia. Geographically it is located between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal bounded by India on the north, west and northeast, by Myanmar on the southeast and by the Bay of Bengal on the south.

  3. BACKGROUND OF BANGLADESH • Large effort made over the past years to deliver primary healthcare including eye care but we are lacking behind because of paucity of qualified physician and ophthalmologist. • Finding of studies conducted by different organizations: • One million people are totally blind • Two million people are partially blind who are unable to support themselves and to contribute to the national development. • 75% of those could either by prevented or cured by early detection and treatment.

  4. NATIONAL SUMMARY • Population 2005 (extrapolated) : 130.8 million • No. of hospitals providing Eye Care Services: 132 (Govt-65, NGO-54, Private-13) • Total qualified ophthalmologist: 750 • Total Non-Ophthalmologists but working in eye care: 268 • Total number of cataract surgeons: 450 • Total MLEP: 708 • Total number of Cataract Surgery: 131475 • Cataract Surgical Rate: 1006 • Paediatric Cataract Surgery: 4243 • Total number of Eye Beds: 3179 • Total number of teaching hospital: 26

  5. BANGLADESH BLINDNESS PROFILE • Over 750,000 blind • 650,000 due to cataract (80% of total blindness) • Over 6 million need vision correction by spectacles and other means • Approx. 150,000 irreversible blind which need rehabilitation • Approx. 40,000 children are blind of which 12,000 are due to cataract and can be cured by surgery • 80% of the above live in rural areas • 90% of the doctors and their helpers live in towns • Source: The summary Report of The Bangladesh National Blindness & Low Vision • Survey (30 & above age group), May 2003

  6. CATARACT SURGERY • Between 2,400 and 3,000 cataract operations are required/million population/year in Bangladesh to control cataract blindness • This translates to a total of 314,000-392,000 cataract operations annually • Currently about 131,000 cataract operations are being done which represents 42% of the estimated need • Source: The summary Report of The Bangladesh National Blindness & Low Vision • Survey (30 & above age group), May 2003

  7. CATARACT SURGICAL RATE REQUIRED • Minimum CSR required = 1,200-1,500/mill/year • to deal with the current backlog. • This rate needs to be doubled as • Demand is increasing and surgery being done earlier • The population is ageing • Second eyes are being operated upon • CSR to control cataract blindness = 2,400- • 3,000/mill/year

  8. ABOUT BECS • Bangladesh Eye Care Society (BECS) was established • in 1988 by a group of volunteers and professionals, • namely - • Late Prof M A Jalil • Late Prof AQM Harun • Late Prof Mubarak Ali • Late Engr Quamrul Islam Siddique • Mr Syed A K Mahmudul Haque • Dr Syed Reza Hussain • Dr Rashed Nizam • Mrs Mira Mitra • Dr Niaz Rahman • under the leadership of Prof M Mustafizur Rahman, • Founder President and Dr Rashed Nizam, Founder • Secretary General of BECS

  9. BECS OBJECTIVES • To organize nationwide primary eye care activities • To train professionals on community eye care • To conduct research and studies on eye diseases • To establish primary and secondary eye care centers • To organize seminars, symposiums and workshops on eye care at national, district and upazila level • To provide financial and technical support to post graduate students for higher studies in ophthalmology • To disseminate information on glaucoma amongst public by public awareness program • To establish a modern Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital at Dhaka and outside Dhaka

  10. PAST BECS ACTIVITIES • National Glaucoma Prevalence Survey in Bangladesh in 1993 andGlaucoma Prevalence Survey of Dhaka Division with the technical and financial support of IGA (London) in 1997 • An International Workshop on “Eye Banking” in 1992 organized in collaboration with Sandhani and ORBIS International participated by USA, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh • One rural based 18-beded Charitable Eye Hospital DMCEH is run at Bhaluka Upazila of Mymensingh district, which is one of the pride projects • Scholarships are awarded to postgraduate students studying in ophthalmology • One Glaucoma Research and Eye Hospital is being run at Mirpur, Dhaka. Here all kinds of eye patients are treated and operated with special emphasis on glaucoma Glaucoma Prevalence Survey in 1993 Dr Rashed Nizam delivering speech in Scholarship Awarding Ceremony Rural-based Charitable Eye Hospital at Bhaluka Upazila of Mymensingh district

  11. PAST ACTIVITIES OF BECS Dr Abu Raihan, Country Representative Project ORBIS International is watching the School side testing program Seminar on Eye Banking and Eye Donation at Mymensingh Medical College with all religious leaders of the Country Postoperative Patients are seen in the Eye Camp Inauguration Ceremony of the Eye Camp

  12. GLAUCOMA IN BANGLADESH Two national survey on glaucoma conducted by BECS in collaboration with International Glaucoma Association (IGA), London firstly in 1993 and secondly in 1997. Report published in British Journal of Ophthalmology in Dec 2004 • Prevalence of glaucoma in Bangladesh above 35 yrs = 3.1% • Prevalence of glaucoma suspect in Bangladesh above 35 yrs = 10% • Awareness about glaucoma amongst population = 4%

  13. Name of the Donors who volunteered for the development of the Society and Hospital • International Glaucoma Association, London-For two National Glaucoma Surveys • North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC)- For Equipments & Eye Camps • Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh- For construction of the present building for the Office & Hospital • Patrons (10 Nos.) - For the development work • Life Members (51 Nos.) - For the development work

  14. RENDERING SERVICES • BECS established a Glaucoma Research & • Eye Hospital in its own land measuring 0.24 • acres in 2007. Rendering the following • services in one storied semi pucca building • (consisting 10 rooms): • Out patients consultation • Slit lamp biomicroscopy • Refraction by Automated refractometer • IOP measurement by applanation Tonometer • Visual field analysis by Humphrey Field Analyzer • Pachymetry for CCT measurement • Gonioscopic examination • 24 hours phasing of IOP for glaucoma patients • Phaco surgery by latest and most modern phaco-machine Chief Consultant of GREH performing IOL implant surgery under microscope donated by NABIC Senior Consultant of GREH performing Glaucoma surgery under microscope donated by NABIC

  15. SURVEY DONE • Eye camps in rural areas where cataract and pterygium surgery done in the camp • SICS with IOL implant • Phaco emulsification with IOL implant • Trabeculectomy and tenomectomy • DCR for Dacryocystitis • Squint surgery • Keratoplasty • Other operation like pterygium, orbital tumor and other minor surgery • The accommodation and service facilities need to be • expanded. Hence, plan to establish a 12-storied • building for the hospital is taken

  16. PROPOSED GLAUCOMA RESEARCH & EYE HOSPITAL 12-storied Hospital Building In Patients Department Total Beds – 160 Total OT – 6 General Ward (Male & Female) – 100 Double Bed Cabin – 10 Single Bed Cabin – 5 Diagnostic Service Training Service Out Patients Department Consultation Room including refraction Emergency Department Daycare service except intraocular

  17. PROPOSED HOSPITAL BUILDING • Hospital will provide all eye care services like: • General ophthalmology, cataract, Cornea, Vitro-retina, Glaucoma, Oculoplasty, Contact lens • Orbital surgery, Intraocular lens implant surgery, Daycare IOL surgery with phaco emulsification, scan facilities, fundus fluorescence angiography • YAG laser, Argon laser, Neuro ophthalmology, Paediatric ophthalmology, Low vision rehabilitation centre • 24 hours laboratory services

  18. PRELIMINARY ESTIMATED COST UPTO 12-STORIED GLAUCOMA RESEARCH & EYE HOSPITAL BUILDING AT MIRPUR, DHAKA Estimated cost of the total project: Taka 32 crores (320 million)Total area of the building: 6630 sqmEstimated Cost for 1st Phase (up to 1st Floor) Taka 4 crores (40 million) which includes :1. Formation in plinth including store pile retaining wall etc.2. Basement3. Ground floor with drain, apron, gate etc4. First floor5. Internal sanitary & water supply6. Electrification7. Pump, Reservoir, water and sewerage connection etc