women of pompeii n.
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Women of Pompeii PowerPoint Presentation
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Women of Pompeii

Women of Pompeii

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Women of Pompeii

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  1. Women of Pompeii

  2. Pompeii: “pulcherrimarum clades terrarum”

  3. Pompeii and Vesuvius

  4. Pompeii

  5. House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii

  6. House of Menander

  7. Graffiti: Politics Satia and Petronia support and ask you to elect Marcus Casellius and Lucius Albucius aediles. May we always have such citizens in our colony! Vote for Lucius Popidius Sabinus; his grandmother worked hard for his last election and is pleased with the results Claudius’ little girl-friend is working for his election as duovir I wonder, O, wall, that you have not fallen in ruins from supporting the stupidities of so many scribblers.

  8. Inscriptions: Public Works Alfia Quarta, daughter of Publius, had a bath for women built from the ground up. She fitted it out with variegated stone and supplied a bronze basin with a brazier and a sitting area.

  9. Inscriptions: Public Works Mamia, daughter of Publius, holder of a public priestly office, to the tutelary spirit of Augustus, on her own land and at her own expense. Naevoleia Tyche, freedwoman of Lucius, for herself and for C Gaius Munatius Faustus, member of the Augustan college and district magistrate, to whom the city council with the assent of the populace granted an honorific chair on account of his services. This monument Naevoleia Tyche made for her own freed men and women and for those of Gaius Munatius Faustus, during her own lifetime.

  10. Inscriptions: Public Works Eumachia, daugher of Lucius, holder of a public priestly office, in her own name and in that of her son Marcus Numistrius Fronto built a porch, a covered corridor, and a colonnade dedicated to the Augustan Concord and to Pietas, at her own expense. The same woman dedicated it. To Eumachia, daughter of Lucius holder of a public priestly office, by the fullers.

  11. Graffiti: Business On the 15th of July earrings deposited with Faustilla. For a [loan] of 2 denarii she deducted a fee of an as. In the property of Julia Felix, daughter of Spurius, there are for rent a bath, shops, sheds, and upper rooms, from 15 August next for five years running until 15 August 5 years hence. In the consulships of Lucius Duvius Avitus and Publius Clodius Thrasea (i.e., 56 AD) Decimus Volcius Thallus, wrote at the request of Umbricia Ianuaria that she had received from Caecilius Iucundus a sum of 11039 sesterces from her auction, less his fee.

  12. Graffiti: Love (or at least sex) The weaver Successus loves the inkeeper's slave girl, Iris by name. She doesn't care for him, but he begs her to take pity on him. Written by his rival. So long. [Answer by the rival:] Just because you're bursting with envy, don't pick on a handsomer man, a lady-killer and a gallant. [Answer by the first writer:] There's nothing more to say or write. You love Iris, who doesn't care for you.

  13. Graffiti: Love (or at least sex) Anybody in love, come here. I want to break Venus' ribs with a club and cripple the goddess' loins. If she can pierce my tender breast, why can't I break her head with a club? [A prostitute's sign:] I am yours for 2 asses cash. Take your lewd looks and flirting eyes off another man's wife, and show some decency on your face!

  14. Graffiti: Love (or at least sex) Myrtis bene felas.Myrtis, you do great blow jobs. Arphocras hic cum Drauca bene futuit denario.Here Harpocras has had a good fuck with Drauca for a denarius. Vibius Restitutus here slept all alone and longed for his Urbana. Virgula Tertio suo: indecens es.Virgula to her Tertius: you are one horny lad!

  15. “bikini girls”

  16. thermopolium

  17. Food-warmer

  18. A Pompeian Brothel

  19. A Pompeian Brothel

  20. A Pompeian Brothel

  21. A Pompeian Brothel

  22. Specialty advertisements?

  23. House of Julia Felix

  24. House of Julia Felix: Triclinium

  25. House of Julia Felix: Triclinium

  26. House of the Vetii

  27. House of the Vetii

  28. Entrance to the house of the Vetii

  29. Villa of the Mysteries The home of an elite family, which shows a women’s ritual initiation in one of its rooms:

  30. Villa of the Mysteries

  31. Villa of the Mysteries

  32. Villa of the Mysteries

  33. Villa of the Mysteries

  34. Villa of the Mysteries

  35. Oplontis: Luxury