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  1. Pompeii By: Chetan Singh

  2. What is Pompeii? How was it found? • Pompeii is an ancient Italian city nearby Naples. It was destroyed by a volcano by the name of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D. Centuries later an engineer called Rocque Joaquin de Alcubiore discovered Pompeii in 1749. Hoping to find some clues about the roman lifestyle, Rocque actually found Pompeii. The ancient Italian city of Pompeii was a huge discovery.

  3. Pompeii • The artifact is an amazing 28 centuries old! It was found in the 7th Century B.C.E. Pompeii is from Italy near the Naples and Herculaneum area. It is of Roman culture since it was overtook by the romans in 80 B.C.E The current condition of Pompeii is not so great, there are ruins of buildings and bones of people laying around. These are mostly from the volcano eruption and bomb attacks that happened during WWII. To preserve this ancient city it will take a great amount of work.

  4. Related Research • Researchers have searched the Pompeii area for more than just Pompeii itself. They found dinosaur fossils in China from Pompeii, and they say the volcanic ash has preserved them for many years. Then pyroclastic flow(a current made by the flying magma and ash) caused them to move so far. • Another research project was when they tried to find information on the King of Naples who is believed to come to Pompeii for vacation. There have been several excavations in Pompeii for materials not pertaining to Pompeii, such as the diets of the romans and their clothing.

  5. Fossils of Pompeii Found in China

  6. Interesting Facts & Observations • Mount Vesuvius killed over 2000 citizens of Pompeii. • There was an earthquake in Pompeii ten years before the infamous eruption. • Mount Vesuvius erupted again in 1944. • Archeologist still work on Pompeii today. • Some parts of Pompeii were never touched by the volcano, over 100 artifacts were found in mint condition. • Pompeii gets at least 2 million tourists each year. • Despite their being some survivors of the Mount Vesuvius eruption, it was forgotten for almost 1700 years!

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