ww i the war to end all wars
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WW I “The War to End All Wars”?

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WW I “The War to End All Wars”? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WW I “The War to End All Wars”?. Nationalism - copy definition Kosovo?. Spread of Nationalism. French Revolution - contributes? Napoleon - contributes? Congress of Vienna keeps a lid on for a while until: Belgium (1831), Italy (1861) Germany (1871)

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ww i the war to end all wars

WW I “The War to End All Wars”?

Nationalism - copy definition


spread of nationalism
Spread of Nationalism
  • French Revolution - contributes?
  • Napoleon - contributes?
  • Congress of Vienna keeps a lid on for a while until: Belgium (1831), Italy (1861) Germany (1871)
  • Does not apply to E. Europe and the Balkans
O.E. controls much of Balkans until it becomes the, “Sick man of Europe” and, in early 1800s what 2 multi-ethnic empires fill the void?
  • Slavic people 1st under OE now AH want independence
  • Name those Slavs -
  • Russia promotes Pan-Slavism - wants all Slavs to secede from AH. Why?
  • Yet Slavs often separated by religion.
russian support of and german support of sets the stage for war
Russian support of ________and German support of ________sets the stage for WAR.
  • Nationalism - German aggression (Schlieffen Plan) & Serbs
  • Imperialism - a “place in the sun”
  • Naval armaments race
  • Entangling Alliances
  • 1870 GB = 33% and Germany 13% world output
  • 1914 rough equality
  • Balkan Wars over former OE territories
  • Mass political participation and new media allow for a chauvinistic patriotism. Patriotism = personal; there’s dancing in the streets when war declared
  • Nationalism = manipulated by nation
  • Total War - take out video notes
total war
Total War
  • All governments seize dictatorial control “All Quiet on the Western Front”
  • US Espionage and Sedition Act against that dubious background, Creel persuaded the president to launch the Committee on Public Information. Dubious backdrop is ____________
  • Stifle dissent
the white man s war
The White Man’s War
  • Need for manpower France &GB draft from colonial empires in Asia & Africa
  • GB also attacks Germany in Africa
total war cont
Total War Cont.
  • Women with Yellow Hands
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Lost Generation
  • Hatred
  • Genocide
  • Gallipoli - Australian & NZ nationalism launched as is career of Mustafa Kemal
ah germany overrun serbia albania romania eventually threaten russia
AH & Germany overrun Serbia, Albania & Romania & eventually threaten Russia
  • Bolshevik Revolution - Notes 1917 same year as US entry
japan joins allies to
Japan joins Allies to:
  • Get Germany out of Japanese & Chinese territory
  • Take German territory in Pacific
  • Threaten China with 21 Demands. This ultimatum shows Japan’s desire to dominate E Asia
paris peace conference 1918
Paris Peace Conference 1918
  • SU not allowed (cordon sanitaire)
  • GB blockade causes unneeded suffering among civilians
  • No foreign troops on German soil
  • Not according to Wilson’s 14 Points
the deal
The Deal
  • 33 B reparations
  • Limit military
  • Guilt clause
  • Alsace & Lorraine
  • Demilitarize Rhineland
  • French control Saar Region for a time
  • League of Nations
the league an attempt at collective security
The League - an attempt at collective security
  • SU, US & Germany not included
  • No mechanism for enforcement
  • Italy, Germany, Japan & SU not happy with new boundaries
  • Bye to 3 Empires
self determination for all
Self determination for all?
  • Yes in Europe>>Serbia & Croats and Slovenes become Yugoslavia
  • Poland reborn (1/3 cannot speak Polish)
  • Czechoslovakia - Many Germans
unwilling to apply self determination to germany s ex colonies in the pacific arab territories oe
Unwilling to apply self determination to Germany’s ex-colonies in the Pacific, Arab territories & OE
  • Instead of calling territories England and France take over colonies (US won’t allow) now they are called Mandates
  • French get Lebanon & Syria
  • GB gets Iraq & Palestine - where both Arabs (for role in uprising against the Turks in 1916 - TE Lawrence & Ali Hussain) and Jews (Balfour Declaration) were promised a homeland
  • Disillusions as never before
  • 3rd World revolutionaries look to SU
  • US goes from debtor to creditor nation
  • European economic power hurt overseas and at home
  • US isolationism
new nations
New Nations
  • AH becomes Austria & Hungary (shrunk)
  • Turkey from OE shrunk now secular and women given rights