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Types of War, Types of Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of War, Types of Jeopardy

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Types of War, Types of Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Types of War, Types of Jeopardy National Defense in the 21 st Century 3 Traditional Kinds of War Genuine Civil Wars Violent conflict over control of the government Examples: Colombia, Sierra Leone, Liberia Wars of Secession

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types of war types of jeopardy

Types of War,Types of Jeopardy

National Defense in the 21st Century

3 traditional kinds of war
3 Traditional Kinds of War
  • Genuine Civil Wars
    • Violent conflict over control of the government
    • Examples: Colombia, Sierra Leone, Liberia
  • Wars of Secession
    • Wars to carve a new country from part of the territory of a current country
    • The US Civil War, Eritrea, end of Yugoslavia
  • Wars between Countries
    • One country invading another
    • The three Gulf Wars
a new kind of war terrorism
A New Kind of War: Terrorism
  • Terrorism is the use of violence to frighten people into making political concessions
  • Terrorism is in fact used in each of the three traditional kinds of war
    • Colombian war lords in their civil war
    • ETA, FLQ in secessionist movements
    • Israel and Lebanon, Iraq against Iran
non state terrorists
Non-State Terrorists
  • What is new is the use of terrorism by organizations other than states
    • The Irish Republican Army
    • Islamic Jihad
    • The Red Army Brigades
    • Al Qaeda
significance of technology
Significance of Technology
  • Weapons
    • Escalation of explosive power
    • Non-explosive options: gas, disease
    • New delivery systems: missiles to suicides
  • Defense
    • Barriers to prevent penetration of weapons
    • Intelligence, both remote and local
  • Communications
    • From great ignorance to virtual reality
the cold war s balance of terror
The Cold War’s Balance of Terror
  • Mutually assured destruction
  • Major players
    • NATO, dominated by the USA
    • Warsaw Pact, dominated by the USSR
  • Minor players
    • China
    • Non-aligned states
    • United Nations
    • Surrogates
series of surrogate wars
Series of Surrogate Wars
  • Latin America
    • Caribbean: Cuba, Grenada
    • Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala
    • South America: CIA coup in Chile
  • Africa
    • Cone of Africa
    • Great Lakes area
  • Asia
    • Vietnam & the rest of the Southeast
    • Afghanistan & the rest of the Southwest
militarization of the world
Militarization of the World
  • The world militarized during the Cold War
  • Both sides developed arms
  • Both sides provided arms to allies
  • Both sides sold arms to willing buyers, sometimes to the harm of each later on
  • Each side found the limits to its power
    • The USA in Vietnam
    • The USSR in Afghanistan
optimism after the cold war
Optimism after the Cold War
  • Reduced fear of nuclear conflagration
  • Expected peace dividend
  • Evident progress in long-standing conflicts
    • South Africa
    • Northern Ireland
    • Cyprus
    • Middle East
disappointing reality
Disappointing Reality
  • Re-emergence of virulent nationalism
    • Former Yugoslavia, former USSR, Africa
  • Mushrooming arms sales
    • Air power to those with wealth, small arms to others
  • Rise in Terrorism
    • Technological advances
    • Alienation, motivation
war peace in the 21 st century
War & Peace in the 21st Century
  • Legacy of land mines
  • Unresolved conflicts
    • Palestinian-Israeli conflict
    • Continuing African wars, e.g. resource wars
    • Latin American drug wars
  • New constellations of security issues
    • Dealing with non-state actors
    • Unilateral or global solutions?
21 st century jeopardy
21st Century Jeopardy
  • What jeopardy is the country you are studying in from
    • Civil war, including terrorism by those wanting to overthrow the state?
    • A war of secession by a group wanting its own sovereignty, including terrorism by that group?
    • War with another country?
    • Terrorism from non-state actors?
the 21 st century hegemon
The 21st Century Hegemon
  • What jeopardy does the USA face?
    • Conventional war with another state?
    • Terrorism in its many guises
      • A dirty bomb
      • Biological warfare
      • Disruptive terrorism
  • What options does the USA have for dealing with that jeopardy?
    • In what ways should we lead, in what ways, if any, should we intimidate?
    • What are the limits of our power, and how do these limits influence our options?
    • Nye: using hard and soft power