Water quality in zm r
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Water Quality in İ zmİr. Water management Approach in turkey.

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Water quality in zm r

WaterQuality in İzmİr

Water management approach in turkey
WatermanagementApproach in turkey

In Turkey, water management is defined as the aim and responsibilities of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs which is competent authority on subjects related with water, has a general coordination task in terms of development and implementation of Turkey’s water policy including coordination of adaptation of Turkish Water Legislation with the EU acquis as well as subjects such as water management and protection of water.

Current improvement plans for river basin

Workto be done between the years of 2011-2040, will be given priority in the short-medium-and long-term

Action Plan Schedule

  • Water-Wastewater Management

  • Solid andHazardousWasteManagement

  • Distributed Source PollutionManagement

  • AfforestationandErosionControl, RangelandRehabilitationStudies

  • BasinEnvironmental Information Systemwill be the main topics.

Water quality in zm r1
Waterquality in İzmİr

  • As definedbylaw; IzmirMunicipality in charge of thewatermanagementandmember of Water Management CoordinationCommittee as well as othercitiesmunicipalities.

  • Main task; Protection of surface and underground water resources potential of the cityand to ensure the best use of the water pollution

  • IzmirWaterQualityReportsareavailable online

Water quality in zm r

Waterquality in İzmİr

Izmir water quality report provided by izsu izmir water general directorate
izmirwaterqualityreportprovideDbyizsu (izmirwater General Directorate)

80 sampling points
80 samplingpoints

Results bostanli place i live 20 february 2013
Results; bostanli (place i live)20 february 2013