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Kashi Kings: Media Plan

Kashi Kings: Media Plan. Andie Moreno, Kenna Foltz, Seashols Barnes, Madison Baxter, Viktoria Leks. The Problem. Kashi Frozen Pizza has a relatively lower advertising budget than its competitors resulting in low brand recognition.

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Kashi Kings: Media Plan

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  1. Kashi Kings:Media Plan Andie Moreno, Kenna Foltz, Seashols Barnes, Madison Baxter, Viktoria Leks

  2. The Problem • Kashi Frozen Pizza has a relatively lower advertising budget than its competitors resulting in low brand recognition. • Although the Kashi brand is well known in other categories such as breakfast foods, its frozen pizza products are generally not well known by consumers and are being out-sold by larger companies whose central or sole focus are their frozen pizza products. • The healthy stereotype that follows the Kashi brand may not serve well in the frozen pizza category since most consumers in this category are not typically highly health-conscious.

  3. Target Audience Objectives • Create awareness within the target market of new product under well-known brand • Maintain brand loyalty within existing Kashi users • Promote benefits of Kashi Frozen Pizza to target market • Target Audience: employed females ages 24-44, household income of $40,000+ with at least a high school degree, health-conscious lifestyle, career-oriented Rationale/Reasons why: This target audience is more interested in purchasing healthy choice meals for themselves and their families. They are more likely to purchase products with all natural and organic ingredients. Facts: The majority of indexes in Kashi Cereal, Healthy Choice and Fitness Lifestyle categories are above 100. These indexes show a higher likelihood of use.

  4. Situation Analysis: Target Research • These women are successful and health-conscious and want a meal that is not only tasty, quick, and convenient, but on that also contains healthy natural ingredients. These women live buys lives and don’t always have time to prepare a meal. However, being pressed for time does not mean they skimp out on nutrition and taste. They like brands that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. You can find them shopping at whole foods or a local grocery store, always making health conscious purchases.   • The health conscious attitude these women have can also be seen in other lifestyle choices aside from food. These women are either starting a healthy lifestyle routine or already have one in place and are continuing to live by it. They actively participate and promote an active lifestyle by incorporating fitness into their every day routines.

  5. Situation Analysis: Market Information • CDI= 23268 • BDI= 20728 • Markets with the five highest estimated values and with the five highest BDI & CDI • Out of all the cities that have higher BDI & CDI we chose:

  6. Media • Internet • Vehicles:,,,, • Index Numbers within our target audience: 105, 159, 121 • Network TV • Bravo, Style, Lieftime, Foodnetwork, Fit TV, TLC, E! • Index Numbers within our target audience: 99, 69, 99 • Consumer Magazines • Self, Women’s Health, Shape, Bon Appetit, People • News & Entertainment had an average index of 112, Women’s magazines had an average index of 107, and Health had an average index of 117. • Radio • Hit music station, Adult contemporary, News shows, Easy Listening • Index Numbers within our target audience: 106, 103, 87 • Alternative Media • Promotional Events: Public Sporting Events (Boston Marathon, etc.) • Internet Coupons: Ex: Print this out and receive a discount • Elevator Advertising- malls & office buildings

  7. Former Ads (Background)

  8. The Solution: Creative Strategy • Kashi’s brand logo and slogan are shown on each product- creates brand awareness and unifies company • Each ad focuses on the healthy aspect of Kashi and the slogan of “7 whole grains on a mission” • Persuades people to eat more healthily with Kashi. Demonstrates that even if consumers doesn’t already eat healthy, they can start at any time. It also demonstrates that if you love eating, Kashi is the brand for you.

  9. Media Objectives • Geographic • Kashi Pizza is distributed nationally in retail stores including both natural food stores as well as conventional grocery outlets. We plan to advertise mainly nationally, with heavy spot advertising in key markets. • Scheduling • Pulsing scheduling plan with emphasis in months of February, March, May, August, September • Reach/Frequency • Natl Goals Reach– 75, Freq- 3, GRP-225 • -Spot Goals Reach- 80, Freq- 3, GRP- 240 **Note: Change freq to 4 during months of emphasis

  10. Budget and Cost of Media Plan

  11. Situation Analysis: Creative and Media Background • Media Mix: • Current Year: Net TV 0.3%, Spot TV 14.1%, Cable 42.5%, syndication 0, Cons Mags 36.3%, B2B 1.3%, Newspapers 0.1%, Internet 5.3% • Kashi Frozen Pizza Media Mix: Internet 100% • Share of Voice: • Internet 8.81 • Total 0.21

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