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Chapter 6: OUT OF THE FRYING=PAN INTO THE FIRE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6: OUT OF THE FRYING=PAN INTO THE FIRE. 1. Where does Bilbo seem to have gotten to?. Other side of Misty Mts – right to edge of Land Beyond. 2. What is the conversation Bilbo overhears?. * Between Gandalf & dwarves about working for Bilbo or not.

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1. Where does Bilbo seem to have gotten to?

Other side of Misty Mts – right to edge of Land Beyond

2. What is the conversation Bilbo overhears?

* Between Gandalf & dwarves about working for Bilbo or not

* Gandalf wants to – dwarves not so sure – says he’s been nothing but trouble

3. What does Bilbo suddenly do? What is everyone’s reaction?

* Steps into middle of group

* They jumped – shouted – surprised – delighted

* Bilbo’s reputation increased greatly


BENIGHTED: intellectually or morally ignorant

4. After Gandalf explains what happened to Bilbo, what does he point out? Why?

Must get moving on – goblins will be out in 100’s looking for them

5. What else is pointed out?

* Today’s Thursday – were captured Mon. night or Tue. morning

* Have gone miles – come out thru heart of mts. – now on other side – are too far north – have awkward country ahead – still pretty high up

6. What does Bilbo suddenly realize? What does he do about it?

He’s dreadfully hungry – looks for food along way – nibbled on sorrel, 3 wild strawberries – drank from small mt. stream


MARJORAM: aromatic herb of mint family

7. What happens when they get to the moonlit clearing?

Hear wolves howling to each other – gathering together

8. What proverb comes out of the situation? What does it mean?

* “ ‘out of the frying-pan into the fire’”

* Escaping goblins – running into wolves

9. What does Gandalf quickly cry?

“ ‘Up the trees quick’”

10. What happens to Bilbo? Why? What is Dori’s reaction?

* Got left behind – too small to get up a tree by himself


* Dori forgot him again – can’t always be carrying him – he’s not a porter (gatekeeper)

11. What are Wargs? What do they do?

* Evil wolves of Edge of the Wild

* Circle trees they’re in – 100’s sat in great circle w/ great grey wolf in middle

12. What did Gandalf tell the dwarves the Wargs were saying?

They’re working w/ goblins to trap & catch them

13. What does Gandalf start to do?

Light pinelones w/ goblins to trap & catch them

UNCANNY: having supernatural basis

PINNACLE: lofty peak; highest point


14. Describe the relationship between eagles & goblins.

Eagles don’t love or fear goblins – swoop on them driving them back to their caves

15. What do the eagles notice about what is going on on the ground?

* Wolves that caught on fire had ran into woods – starting dry forest on fire in place

* Suddenly goblins came running thinking there was battle w/ woodmen – some laughed at what was really happening

* Goblins stomped out fire – except under dwarves’ trees – added leaves & brush to it

16. What does Gandalf do & why? Does it work?

* Tells “little boys” to go away – playing w/ fire will get them punished


* Trying to make goblins angry

* No – kept on singing

17. What happens as Gandalf thinks about jumping from his tree?

Lord of Eagles swept down & seized him in his talons & flew away

18. What happens next?

Many eagles fly in – scaring away goblins – grab rest of dwarves from trees

19. What happens to Bilbo?

Almost left behind again – caught Dori’s legs

EYRIE: nest of eagle or bird of prey

20. Where are they taken next? Why?

To Great Shelf – Lord of the Eagles want them

PRECIPICE: cliff w/ vertical face


21. What does Bilbo suddenly realize by listening to Gandalf & the Lord of the Eagles?

They know each other – discussing plans to carry them well on their journey across plains

22. What is the Lord of the Eagles reply to Gandalf’s request & why?

Won’t take them anywhere near ppl – will shoot at them thinking they’re after their sheep

23. What else does Gandalf ask for?