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How Useful Are Vitamins and Minerals PowerPoint Presentation
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How Useful Are Vitamins and Minerals

How Useful Are Vitamins and Minerals

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How Useful Are Vitamins and Minerals

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  1. How Useful Are Vitamins and Minerals

  2. Vitamins and minerals are very essential. Truth is that your body can never function to its optimum if you are lacking any of these classes of foods. Both vitamin and minerals are very important classes of foods.

  3. Minerals help to maintain the water and salt balance of the body and therefore ensure the cells in the body can function properly. They ensure the body does not store too much fluid or lack adequate fluid, they work in line with certain mechanism in the human make up to ensure the body fluid and electrolytes are maintained within the optimum range.

  4. Vitamins on the other hand are very helpful as antioxidants. They are heavily relied on for strengthening of bones and teeth. They also help with the proper growth of hair and nails. These classes of foods are very important indeed, but they cannot function in isolation; they need the availability of other classes of foods for them to function properly.

  5. Function as antioxidants Vitamins C and E are principal among those that function as antioxidants. What is the function of an antioxidant? It helps to prevent the oxidation of certain substances in the body and ensures such substances remain in their un-oxidized states. If such substances had been oxidized, cells and tissues in the body would have been damaged.

  6. Some of these damages are irreparable. The vitamins bind to these toxic substances and help to convert them to something less toxic that can be excreted safely out of the body via natural excretory routes like the anus, urethra and skin.

  7. The antioxidant activities of these vitamins and minerals usually occur in areas of the body responsible for detoxification, especially the liver.

  8. The detoxification helps to elongate the life span of the liver and ensures your health is maintained in good state. Considering the importance of the liver, it needs all the protections it can get from toxins.

  9. Function in bone formation and bone strengthening One other function of vitamins and minerals has to do with bone formation. They are involved in forming and maintaining the bones. They can also help in formation of teeth and nails. They are fully involved in hair formation too.

  10. The vitamin involved mostly in bone formation is vitamin D. The active form of vitamin D is called calcitriol and it is formed both in the liver and the kidney. However, its lack can be supplied via vitamin D supplements that are available for sale all over the place.

  11. The minerals commonly involved in bone formation are calcium and phosphate. In actual fact, calcium is usually stored in bones as calcium phosphate. It should be noted that the boney substance in the body is actually calcium.

  12. The vitamin D mentioned earlier promotes the absorption of calcium from diet and its deposition on the bones to form new bones and to strengthen the already formed ones.

  13. Deficiency of any of these vitamins and minerals will lead the brittleness of bones and they may break. Such can however be put under control when you take the minerals and vitamins in form of food supplements.

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